フレッチャー・ヘンダーソン 「タイダル・ウェイヴ」

 1.I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby(And My Baby's Crazy 'Bout Me)
 2.Sugar Foot Stomp
 3.Just Blues
 4.Singin' The Blues(Till My Daddy Comes Home)
 5.Low Down Of the Bayou
 6.The House Of David Blues
 7.Radio Rhythm
 8.You Rascal You
 9.Limehouse Blues
10.Shanghai Shuffle
11.Big John's Special
12.Happy As The Day Is Long
13.Tidal Wave
14.Down South Camp Meetin'
15.Wrappin' It Up(The Lindy Glide)
16.Memphis Blues(Take A)
17.Memphis Blues(Take B)
18.Wild Party
19.Rug Cutter's Swing
20.Hotter Than Hell
21.Liza(All The Clouds'll Roll Away)

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