ZAPPA 「As An Am」

ZAPPA 「As An Am」

 1.That Makes Me Mad
 2.Young & Monde
 4.Black Napkins
 5.Black Page 112
 6.Torture Never Stops

All Songs Written, Composed & Arranged by Frank Zappa

FRANK ZAPPA 「Does Humor Belong In Music?」

FRANK ZAPPA 「Does Humor Belong In Music?」

 1.Zoot Allures(Zappa)
 2.Tinsel Town Rebellion(Zappa)
 3.Trouble Every Day(Zappa)
 4.Penguin In Bondage(Zappa)
 5.Hot-Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel(Zappa)
 6.What's New In Baltimore?(Zappa)
 7.Cock-Suckers' Ball(Trad, Arr. Zappa)
 9.Let's Move To Cleveland(Zappa)
10.Whipping Post(Allman)

Arranged and Produced by Frank Zappa

FRANK ZAPPA 「Strictly Commercial」

フランク・ザッパ 「ザ・ベスト・オブ・フランク・ザッパ」

 1.Peaches En Regalia
 2.Don't Eat The Yellow Snow(Single Version)
 3.San Ber'dino
 4.Dirty Love
 5.My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
 6.Who Are The Brain Police?
 7.Trouble Every Day
 8.Disco Boy
 9.Fine Girl
10.Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
11.Let's Make The Water Turn Black
12.I'm The Slime
13.Joe's Garage(Single Version)
14.Tell Me You Love Me
15.Montana(Single Version)
16.Valley Girl
17.Be In My Video
18.Muffin Man
19.Dancin' Fool(12" Disco Mix)

All Songs Written by Frank Zappa
except 16 was improvised by Moon Zappa
All Tracks Produced by Frank Zappa
except 7 Produced by Tom Wilson

FRANK ZAPPA 「Mystery Disc」

FRANK ZAPPA 「Mystery Disc」

 1.Theme Prom Run Home Slow
 2.Original Duke Of Prunes
 3.Opening Night Party At Studio Z(Collage)
 4.The Village Inn
 5.Steal Away
 6.I Was Teen-age Malt Shop
 7.The Bitch Of Captain Beefheart
 8.Metal Man Has Won His Wings
 9.Power Trio Segment From The Saints`n Sinners
10.Bosa Nova Pervertament
11.Except From The Uncle Frankie Show
13.Spee-Freak Boogie
14.Original Mothers At The Broadside(Pomona)
15.Party Scene From Mond Hollywood
16.Original Mothers Reharsal
17.How Could I Be Such A Fool
18.Band Introductions At The Filmore West
19.Plastic People
20.Original Mothers At The Fillmore East
21.Harry,You`re A Beast
22.Don Interrupts
23.Piece One
25.Piece Two
26.Agency Man
27.Agency Man(Studio Verstion)
28.Lecture From Festival Hall Show
29.Wedding Dress Song/The Handsome Cabin Boy
30.Skweezit Skweezit Skzeezit
1.The Story Of Willie The Pimp
32.Black Beauty
34.Mothers At KPFK
35.Harmonica Fun

All selections composed by Frank Zappa
5 written by Jimmy Hughes
"louie louie" written by Richard Berry
All Tracks Produced by Frank Zappa


FRANK ZAPPA 「The Yellow Shark Ensemble Modern」

 2.Dog Breath Variations
 3.Uncle Meat
 4.Outrage At Valdez
 5.Times Beach U
 6.V Revised
 7.Girl In The Magnesium Dress
 8.Be-Bop Tango
 9.Ruth Is Sleeping
10.None Of The Above
11.Pentagon Afternoon
12.Questi Cazzi Di Piccione
13.Times Beach V
14."Food Gathering In Post-Industrial America, 1992"
15.Welcome To The United States
16.Pound For A Brown
17."Exercise, No.4"
18.Get Whitey
19.G-Spot Tornado

Produced and composed by Frank Zappa

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