FRANKIE PAUL 「The Veteran」

フランキー・ポール 「ザ・ヴェテラン」

 2.Rude Boy Tune
 3.Forgotten Feeling
 4.Money In My Pocket
 5.I Love You
 6.Oldies Medley
 7.Better You Better Me(Tomorrow)
 8.Dub Organizer

Produced and arranged by Steely & Clevie


フランキー・ポール 「エンド・オブ・ザ・ロード」

 1.Ram Dance Hall(F.Paul/W.Boswell)
 2.How I Care For You(B.Jackson, D.Townshend)
 3.All Out Of My Mind(F.Paul/W.Boswell)
 4.Sexy Thing(You Got The Body)(R.Kelly, B.Harkenson)
 5.End Of The Road(Babyface, L.A.Reid, D.Simmons)
 6.You Remind Me(E.Mileer, D.Hall)
 7.Row The Boat(F.Paul/W.Boswell)
 8.It Feels So Real(F.Paul/W.Boswell)
10.Here I Go Again(G.Jones)
11.Let's Stay Together(T.Riley/Don Riley)
12.Here I Go Again(Underground Soul Vibe)(G.Jones)

Produced by Niney The Observer
except 6, 12 Produced by Niney The Observer and Chris Wilson

FRANKIE PAUL 「Down In The Ghetto」

フランキー・ポール 「ダウン・イン・ザ・ゲットー」

 1.Down In The Ghetto(Frankie Paul)
 2.Rambo We Rambo(Frankie Paul)
 3.Heather(Frankie Paul)
 4.All Over Your Face(Rude Boyz)
 5.You Are The Sun(Lionel Richie)
 6.One Girl(Frankie Paul)
 7.Someone Knocking(Adapted)
 8.I Spy(Frankie Paul)
 9.Skank If You Skanking(A.Dehaney)
10.Rest Your Head(Adapted)

Produced by Bunny Gemini



 1.Work Hard
 2.You Will Never Know
 3.Stealing Stealing
 4.Everlasting Love
 6.Keep Faith
 7.Leaving Out Of Babylon
 8.Children Of Israel
9.Stormy Night
10.She's My Lady

1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Written by Paul Blake(Frankie Paul)
Produced & Arranged by Tappa Zilie

FRANKIE PAUL 「Dancehall Ruler」

フランキー・ポール 「ダンスホール・ルーラー」

 1.Bomb Ball
 2.Undercover Lover
 3.Let There Be Light
 4.Hot Girl
 5.Praise Him
 6.Love You Forever
 7.You Wanna Play Me Out
 8.Come Inside
 9.You Called
10.Hard To Get
11.You Can Call Me Crazy
12.Pretty Brown Eyes
13.Baby Dont Go
14.Dancehall Ruler
15.Dont Make Me Loose My Mind

Produced by King Jammy

FRANKIE PAUL 「Hardcore Loving」

FRANKIE PAUL 「Hardcore Loving」

 1.Bad Dog
 2.Boom Back Dat
 3.Soon As I Get Home
 4.When Will I See You
 5.Falling In Love
 6.Sad Sweet Dreamer
 8.The Anthem
 9.String Build Me Up
10.African Princess

Produced by Frankie Paul & Joe G

FRANKIE PAUL 「Cloud Across The Moon」

FRANKIE PAUL 「Cloud Across The Moon」

 1.I Wanna Love You
 2.Last Night
 4.Saying Bye Bye
 5.She`s Got Roots
 6.My Everything
 7.There`s A Love
 8.Eyes On You
 9.Cloud Across The Moon

Produced & Arranged by R. "Blackheard" Sinclair

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ