FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Bobby Bobylon」

FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Bobby Bobylon」

 2.We Need More Love
 3.What Difference Does It Make
 4.Go Away Pretty Girl
 5.Tomorrow Is Like Today
 6.Bobby Bobylon
 7.Wine Of Violence
 8.Gonna Take Over Now
 9.Rastaman Camp
10.I Am A Revolutionist

Produced by C.S.Dodd

FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Sings Jamaican Classics」

フレディ・マクレガー 「ジャマイカン・クラシックス」 FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Jamaican Classics」

 1.Let Them Say(Keith Anderson)
 2.Nice Time(Bob Marley)
 3.Artibella(Kenneth Boothe)
 4.Satta(Carlton Manning, Linford Manning, Donald Manning and Bernard Collins)
 5.Joy In The Morning(Harris Scaton)
 6.Conquer Me (Delroy Wilson)
 7.Stranger In Love(John Holt)
 8.Let Him Try(ALton Ellis)
 9.Take It Easy(Hopeton Lewis)
10.Love Has Found Its Way(Dennis Brown)
11.Love Has Found Its Way(Acapella Version)

Produced by Freddie McGregor and Dalton Browne


フレディ・マクレガー 「ナウ」

 2.Bad Boys
 3.Stop Loving You
 4.Waiting There
 7.Road Block
 8.Loving Pauper
 9.We Got Love
10.Here And Now
11.Road Block feat. DJ KUSHUNG PENG
12.Africa feat. DJ KUSHUNG PENG

Produced & Arranged by Steely & Cleivie

FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Jamaican Classics 2」

フレディ・マクレガー 「ジャマイカン・クラシックス・2」 FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Jamaican Classics 2」

 1.I Was Born A Winner
 2.Undying Love
 3.You're Gonna Lose
 4.Mr.Fix It
 5.Give Me The Right
 6.Beat Down Babylon
 7.Come on Little Girl
 8.Curly Locks
 9.Little Nut Tree
10.Declaration Of Rights
11.Every Day Is Just A Holiday
12.Falling in Love With You
13.Breaking Up
14.I'm Not Your Puppet<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
15.Push Comes To Shove <Bonus Track for Japan Only>
16.Born Superstar feat. FRAGGA RANKS <Bonus Track for Japan Only>
17.Question A Ask feat. JIGSY KING <Bonus Track for Japan Only>
18.I'm Not Your Puppet(Version) Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced & Arranged by Freddie McGregor & Dalton Browne


 1.Playing Hard To Get(Soul-Jam Mix)
 3.Not Passing Through
 4.There You Go Again
 5.Mountain Breezes
 6.Playing Hard To Get(Bogle Lick)
 7.Cool Down Your Temper
 8.My Lips Are Sealed
 9.Push Push Push
10.Midnight Lover
11.Passion At Large
12.Playing Hard To Get(Original Mix)

Produced by Aigustus 'Gussie' Clarke

FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Carry Go Bring Come」

フレディ・マクレガー 「キャリー・ゴー・ブリング・カム」 FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Carry Go Bring Come」

 1.This Carry Go Bring Come(Chatty Chatty Mouth)(J.Hinds/A.Clarke/N.Suppria/A.Cameron/S.Dunber) feat. SNAGGA PUSS
 2.Want You To Be There(M.Bennett)
 3.Night Nurse(G.Isaacs/S.Weise)
 4.They Are Waiting(R.Stephenson)
 5.Dissing The Programme(D.Minott)
 6.One More Time(A.Tucker/H.Browne) with REBEL PRINCESS
 7.Land Of The Rising Sun(T.Stephenson)
 8.I Want Love(M.Bennett)
 9.Ghetto Street(H.Lindo/R.Lyn)
10.It's So Hard(A.Tucker/H.Browne)
11.Day And Night(T.Stephenson/H.Browne)
12.In The Heat Of The Night(J.C.Lodge/P.Hall) with J.C.LODGW
13.Carry Go Bring Come(J.Hinds)
14.Flirty Flirty Riddim(D.Fraser/F.McGregor)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced by Augustus "Gussie" Clarke
except 1, 13, 14 by Augustus "Gussie" Clarke & Isaiah Laing



 1.Little Help Oh Jah
 2.Satisfy My Soul
 3.I Wanna Know
 4.Run From Trouble
 5.Push On
 6.Seek & You Will Find
 7.Poor Is A Crime
 9.Shame & Scandal
10.You Make So Very Happy
11.Very Special Lady

Produced by Dalton Browne & Freedie McGregor


フレディ・マクレガー 「マジック・イン・ジ・エアー」

 1.Rastaman Camp(F.McGregor)
 2.Love Inna Dem Heart(F.McGregor)
 3.Pain And Misery(F.McGregor)
 4.Sweet Child(T.Bell/L.Creed)
 5.Magic In The Air(F.McGregor)
 6.I Thank You Lord(F.McGregor)
 8.Forever My Love(F.McGregor/Lewis)
 9.Home Sweet Home(F.McGregor)
10.African Warrior(F.McGregor/M.Johnson/D.Browne)
11.Food Basket(F.McGregor)
12.The Fight For Freedom(F.McGregor/M.Johnson/D.Browne)
13.Sweet Child(Club Mix)<Bonus Track>
14.Magic In The Air(Vocal Mix)<Bonus Track>
15.Rastaman Camp(Dub Mix)<Bonus Track>
16.Love In A Dem Heart(Dub Mix)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Freddie McGregor and Dalton Browne

FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Jamaican Classics Three」

FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Jamaican Classics Three」

 1.Watch This Sound
 2.Nanny Goat
 3.My Jamaican Girl
 4.Can I Change My Mind
 5.Moving Away
 6.Sweet Talking
 7.Danger In Your Eyes
 8.How Can I Forget
 9.You Don't Need Me
10.You Have Caught Me
11.Everything Crash
12.Dance Crasher
14.I've Got To Go Back Home

Sound Produced by Freddie McGregor, Noel and Dalton Browne

FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Masterpiece」

フレディ・マクレガー 「マスターピース」

 1.Mark Of The Beast
 2.Jah,Him Never Fail I
 3.Harvest Uptown
 4.If Love Was To Die feat. PAPA SAN
 6.Spread Love
 7.I Feel Secure
 8.Homeward Bound
 9.I Need Your Love feat. JERMAINE FORDE & WORL-A-GIRL
10.I Wish There Was A Way
11.Blue Skies
12.Darlin' Darlin' Baby feat. WORL-A-GIRL
13.Got No Time To Waste
14.Every Time You Smile

1, 3, 4, 8, 10 Produced by Freddie McGregor & Noel Browne
2 Produced by Lynford "Fatta" Marshall & Colin "Bulby" York
5 Produced by Tony "Saxman" Green
6 Produced by Dave Kelly, Freddie McGregor & Alex Kerr Wilson
7 ,11 Produced by Freddie McGregor, Dalton Browne & Noel Browne
9 Produced by Freddie McGregor, Noel Browne & Worl-A-Girl
12 Produced by Freddie McGregor & Tyrone Downie
13 Produced by Barry Clarke
14 Produced by Freddie McGregor & Benji Myaz



 1.I See It in You
 2.If You Wanna Go
 3.Key To The City
 4.What You Gonna Do
 5.Showers Of Blessing
 6.Take Good Care Of You
 7.So Who?
 8.I Don't Want To Lose You
 9.Jah Jah Give We Love
10.Hand In A De Fire
11.What Goes Around
12.Last Thing On My Mind
13.Grooving Ahead
14.Shoulda Known Better
15.One Family

1, 2, 7, 9, 12 Produced by Dean Fraser
3, 5, 10, 11 Produced by C. & R. Mcleod
4 Produced by Dalton Browne
6, 8, 15 Produced by Freddie McGregor
13 Produced by Barry Clarke
14 Produced by Paul Kapstick

FREDDIE McGREGOR 「Anything For You」

フレディ・マクレガー 「エニシング・フォー・ユー」

 1.Loving Jah
 2.Uncle Sam
 3.For You
 4.Gatepass To Your Heart
 5.Oh Ah La La
 6.Prayer For Two
 7.There Is A Reward For Me
 8.Cover For Me
 9.Sweet African Princess
10.Hold Me
11.Enough Love In Me
12.I'll Do Anything
13.If You Want Me
14.In The Ghetto
15.Get It On
16.A Prayer
17.There Is A Reward For Me feat. RAPACHINO
18.Give Jah The Glory<Bonus Track for Japan>
19.I Wanna Know<Bonus Track for Japan>

1 Produced by T.Dread
2, 14, 16 Produced by Lloyd & Michelle Campbell
3, 10, 13 Produced by Dean Fraser
4 Produced by Willie Lindo
5 Produced by F.McGregor, N.Browne & Y.McGregor
6, 7, 17 Produced by F.McGregor & N.Browne
8, 9 Produced by F.McGregor
11 Produced by Mr.Doo
12, 19 Produced by C & R. McLeod
15 Produced by B.Treasure & F.McGregor
18 Produced by Ruff Cut Crew


フレディ・マクレガー 「カミン・イン・タフ」

 1.Lock It Down
 3.Can You Feel It feat. ANTHONY B
 4.Comin' In Tough
 5.Set The Program
 7.Red Rose
 8.Love And Affection
 9.Ooh Child
10.You Don't Know
11.United We Stand feat. MARCIA GRIFFITHS
12.Little Girl
13.Pick Yourself Up feat. MORGAN HERITAGE
14.A Better Way
15.Save A Little Love
16.In Your Dreams
17.Love On Our Side
18.Test The Flex<Bonus Track for Japan>
19.Eyes On You<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon
1 Produced by Everard Metcalf
6, 10, 12, 17, 18 Produced by Daniel & Stephen McGregor
8 Produced by Carl & Raymond McLeod

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