エクスキューズ 「na na na」

 1.Na Na Na
 2.Your Fool
 3.Oh Lord
 4.Long Gone
 5.Debbie Girl
 7.Open Your Doors
 8.Full Blood Human

All Music And Lyrics by Ulf Turesson
Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Tore Johansson

THE EXCUSE 「Century」

エクスキューズ 「センチュリー」

 1.One Fine Day
 3.Do You Know
 4.Heading North
 5.Eating Me
 6.Who Killed Who
 7.Fall Down
 9.I Am The Future
10.I Was The One
11.Ida Slight Return
12.You Don't Care

All words and music by Ulf Turesson
Produced, recorded, and mixed by Tore Johansson and The Excuse at Tambourine Studios

FREEWHEEL 「Universal Joint」

フリーホィール 「ユニヴァーサル・ジョイント」

 1.Tribute To Lester Young
 2.I'm Your Starfriend
 3.Last Leaves Wave And Say Goodbye
 4.Naive, Tell Me, Tell Me
 5.I Need To Be Saved Somehow
 6.In That Case, I Am Sorry
 7.I'm Like A Little God
 8.This Train Of Misery
 9.Under Water Wander
10.My Box Of Golden Hits From The Eighties
11.Just Another Roadsong
12.Maria Was A Prisoner

Words and Music was written by Ulf Turesson
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Tore Johansson

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