FROM BUBBLEGUM TO SKY 「Me And Amy And The Two French Boys」

フロム・バブルガム・トゥ・スカイ 「僕とエイミーと2人のフレンチ・ボーイ」

 1.Hello Hello Hi
 2.Shaboom They Said
 3.Don't Let The Day Go Mistreating You
 4.She Floats
 5.You Of Summer
 6.Ask The Space Invader
 7.Major J
 8.I Wanna Be An American Boy
 9.Me And Amy And The Two French Boys
10.My Thousand Years With Robots
11.Beat To Beat
12.The Longest Good Bye<Bonus Track for Japan>

All songs written by Mario Hernandez
Produced by From Bubblegum To Sky

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ