FUN-DA-MENTAL 「Seize The Time」

FUN-DA-MENTAL 「Seize The Time」

 2.Seize The Time
 3.Mera Mazab
 4.President Propaganda
 5.No More Fear
 6.Dollars Or Sense
 7.Mother India
 8.Mr. Bubbleman
 9.English Breakfast
10.Bullet Solution
12.New World Order
13.White Gold Burger

FUN-DA-MENTAL 「Erotic Terrorism」

ファン・ダ・メンタル 「エロティック・テロリズム」

 1.Oh Lord!(Devil Would Like A Word)
 2.Demonised Soul(My Head Bus On A Hard Surface But I Could Never ...)
 3.Godevil(All Tainted by Wickedness)
 4.Ja Sha Taan(Joo Ley Lal Mustt Qalander)
 5.Blood In Transit(After Dinner Mints)
 6.Repent(Not Repented Yet)
 7.Deathening Silence(Thru Bloodless Birth My Being A Clone)
 8.Furious(Cruatacean Of The Sea, Organism Of Dust)
 9.See I A(Dust On Ants Feet)
10.The Distorted C(All We Want)
11.One Ness(Dhann A Dhann)
12.Sliced Lead(Fill It With Lead)
13.Tongue Gone Cold(Grown To A Medical Specimen Paranoid Mad ...)
14.Fallen<Bonus Track For Japan>
15.Sumo<Bonus Track For Japan>

1, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12 Written by Qureshi
2, 7, 8, 13 Written by Qureshi and Shafi
11 Written by Qureshi and Kahn
3 Written by Qureshi, Watts and Sparks
All Sound Written by H.N. Qureshi

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