G.LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE 「G.Love & Special Source」

G・ラヴ&スペシャル・ソース 「G・ラヴ&スペシャル・ソース」

 1.The Things That I Used To Do
 2.Blues Music
 3.Garbage Man
 4.Eyes Have Miles
 5.Baby's Got Sauce
 6.Rhyme For The Summertime
 7.Cold Beverage
 9.This Ain't Living
10.Walk To Slide
11.Shooting Hoops
12.Some Peoples Like That
13.Town To Town
14.I Love You

All Songs Written by G.Love
5 Written by G.Love and Houseman
9 Written by G.Love and Jasper

Produced by Stiff Johnson and Special Source

G.LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE 「Yeah, It's That Easy」

G.LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE 「Yeah, It's That Easy」

 1.Stepping Stones(G.Love)
 2.I-76(All Fellas Band)
 3.Lay Down The Law(All Fellas Band)
 4.Slipped Away (The Ballard Of Lauretha Vaird)(G.Love, C.Treece)
 5.You Shall See(G.Love)
 6.Take You There(G.Love)
 7.Willow Tree(G.Love)
 8.Yeah, It's That Easy(G.Love, J.Clemens)
10.200 Years(All Fellas Band)
11.Making Amends(G.Love, J.Clemens)
12.Pull The Wool(G.Love)
13.When We Meet Again(G.Love)
14.Ma Mere<Bonus Track>
15.All The People<Bonus Track>

1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13 Produced by G.Love and Stiff Johnson
2, 3, 10 Produced by The All Fellas Band
8, 9 Produced by G.Love
11 Produced by G.Love and Jonny Jams

G.LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE 「Philadelphonic」

G.LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE 「Philadelphonic」

 1.No Turning Back(G.Love & Special Sauce & BRODEEVA)
 2.Dreamin'(G.Love, Clarence Reid & Willie Clarke)
 3.Roaches(G.Love & Special Sauce & Jake Joys)
 4.Rodeo Clowns(Jack Johnson)
 7.Do It For Free(G.Love & Special Sauce & BRODEEVA)
 8.Honor And Harmony(G.Love)
 9.Kick Drum(G.Love & Special Sauce & BRODEEVA)
10.Friday Night(G.Love&Jimi "Jazz" Prescott)
11.Rock And Roll(G.Love & Special Sauce)
12.Love(G.Love & T-Ray)
13.Around The World
14.Gimme Some Lovin' (G.Love)

Produced by Chris DiBenditto
2, 5, 11 Produced by T-Ray and Chris DiBenditto
4, 10, 12 Produced by T-Ray

G.LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE 「Electric Mile」

G.LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE 「Electric Mile」

 1.Unified(G.Love and Ras)
 2.Praise Up(G.Love)
 3.Night Of The Living Dead(Jeff Clemens)
 4.Parasite(G.Love, Jim Prescott, and Jasper Thomas)
 5.Hopeless Case(G.Love)
 6.Free At Last(G.Love and Jim Prescott)
 7.Shy Girl(G.Love)
 8.Rain Jam(G.Love)
 9.Electric Mile(G.Love)
10.Sara's Song(G.Love)
11.100 Magic Rings(G.Love)
13.Free At Last(Reprise)(G.Love and Jim Prescott)

Produced by Chris DiBeneditto and G.Love & Special Sauce

G.LOVE 「The Hustle」

Gラヴ 「ハッスル」

 2.Don't Drop It
 4.Booty Call
 5.Give It To You feat. JACK JOHNSON
 6.The Hustle
 7.Front Porch Launger
 8.Lovin' Me
10.Fishing Song
11.Back Of The Bus
12.Two Birds
13.Stone Me
14.Amy<Bonus Track Only For Japan>
   〜Rappin' Blues<Bonus Track Only For Japan>

All songs written by Garrett Dutton
1 written by Garrett Dutton, James Prescott, Jason Brown
5 written by Garrett Dutton, James Prescott, Jack Johnson
6 written by Garrett Dutton, James Prescott

Produced by Mario Caldato, Jr.
5, 12, 13, 15 Produced by Mario Caldato, Jr. G.Love & Special Sauce
9 Produced by Chris Dibeneditto
10, 11 Produced by Jeffrey Clemens, Ian Cross, G.Love & Special Sauce

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