GALACTIC 「Coolin' Off」

GALACTIC 「Coolin' Off」

 1.Go Go
 2.Welcome To New Orleans
 3.Something's Wrong With This Picture
 4.Funky Bird
 5.Stax Jam
 7.On The One
 8.Mystery Tube
 9.Doo Rag
10.Percussion Interlude
11.Everybody Wants Some(Part 1)
12.Everybody Wants Some(Part 2)
13.Everybody Wants Some(Part 3)

All tracks written by galactic
1, 4 by Galactic and E.Jekabson
3 by Galactic, E.Traub, T.deClouet, S.Wallace, E.Jackson, and D.Sylvester, Sr.
7, 9 by Galactic and E. Traub
13 by Galactic and T.deClouet
Produced, recorded, edited and mixed by Dan Prothero

GALACTIC 「Crazyhorse Mangoose」

ギャラクティック 「クレイジーホース・マングース」

 1.Hamp's Hump
 2.Love On The Run
 3.Crazyhorse Mongoose
 4.Witch Doctor
 6.Change My Ways(Part 1)
 7.Change My Ways(Part 2)
 8.Denny's Village Rundown
 9.Tighten Your Wig
10.Cafe Declouet
11.Start From Scratch
12.Quiet Please

1, 8 written by Galactic
2 written by R.Mercurio with contributions by Galactic
3 written by B.Ellman, R.Mercurio, J.Mingledorff, S.Moore, J.Raines, J.Vogel
4 written by Stanton Moore with contribution by Galactic
5 written by R.Gowen, R.Mercurio, S.Moore, J.Raines, R.Vogel with lyrics by J.Raines
6, 7 written by T.deCloute, R.Mercurio, S.Moore, J.Raines, R.Vogel
9, 12 written by R.Mercurio, S.Moore, J.Raines, R.Vogel
10 written by T.deCloute
11 writtne by Galactic with Lyrics by J.Raines

Produced by Dan Prothero and Galactic

GALACTIC 「Late For The Future」

GALACTIC 「Late For The Future」

 1.Black-Eyed Pea
 2.Baker's Dozen
 4.Century City
 5.Jeffe 2000
 7.Running Man
 9.As Big As Your Face
10.Hit The Wall
11.Action Speaks Louder Than Words
12.Bobski 2000
13.Two Clowns

All songs written by Galactic
2, 20 by B.Ellman with contibutions from Galactic
3 written by Galactic and Jesse Johnson
8 written by Galactic and Alex McMurray
11 written by Amadee J. Castenell Jr., Ernest J.Dabon, Robert J. Dabon, Lloyd L. Harris Jr., Frank J. Richard,
         Dwright J. Richards, Joseph Smith V, Mario G. Tio and Kenneth J.Williams
13 writtenby Galactic and Erik Jekabson
3 Lyrics by T. de'Clouet and Jesse Johnson
4 Lyrics by T.De'Clouet
7 Lyrics by B.Ellman and'Clouet
8 Lyrics by B.Ellman
Produced by Nicholas Sansano and Galactic

GALACTIC 「We Love 'Em Tonight: Live At Tipitina's」

GALACTIC 「We Love 'Em Tonight: Live At Tipitina's」

 1.Crazyhorse Mongoose(Galactic and Jason Mingledorff)
 2.Moog Marmalade(Galactic)
 3.Bobski/Jeffe 2000(Galactic)
 4.Villified(Galactic and Alex McMurray)
 5.I Get Lifted(Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch)
 6.My Mind Is Hazy(Amadee J. Catanell, Jr., Ernest J. Dabon, Robert J. Dabon, Lloyd L. Harris, Jr., Frank J. Richard,
             Dwight J. Richards, Joseph Smith V, Mario G. Tio and Kenneth J. Williams)
 7.Baker's Dozen(Ben Ellman With Contributions by Galactic)
 8.Blue Pepper(Edward Kennedy Ellington)
 9.Lumpology(Ben Ellman With Contributions by Galactic)
10.Working In The Coal Mine(Allen Toussaint)
12.Two Clowns(Galactic and Erik Jekabson)
13.Sweet Leaf(Terence Butler, Frank Iommi, John Osbourne and William Ward)

Produced by Galactic

GALACTIC 「Vintage Reserve」

GALACTIC 「Vintage Reserve」

 1.Welcome To New Orleans
 2.Something's Wrong With This Picture
 4.Tighten Your Wig
 5.Century City
 6.Jeffe 2000
 7.Go Go
 8.Start From Scratch
 9.Bobski 2000
10.Get A Head On
11.The Green Minute<Previously Unreleased>
13.Quiet Please
14.Sew Sew Sew(Live)<Previously Unreleased in the U.S.>
15.Doo Rag(Live)<Previously Unreleased in the U.S.>

1, 2, 7 Produced by Dan Prothero
3, 5, 6, 9, 11 Produced by Nicholas Sansano and Galactic
4, 8, 10, 12, 13 Produced by Dan Prothero and Galactic
14, 15 Produced by Galactic


ギャラクティック 「ラカッス〜狂騒。」

 2.Bongo Joe
 5.Never Called You Crazy
 6.Gypsy Fade
 8.Uptown Odyssey
 9.Kid Kenner
12.All Behind You Now
14.Hoss<Bonus Track for Japan>
5.Space Headz March<Bonus Track for Japan>

All songs by Galactic/Greer
2, 4 by Galactic/Greer/Arnovick
11 by Billingham, Charlery & Wakeling
Produced and mixed by Dan The Automator

GALACTIC 「From The Corner To The Block」

ギャラクティック 「フロム・ザ・コーナー・トゥ・ザ・ブロック」

 1.What You Need?(Written by Galactic and T.Shimura) with LYRICS BORN
 2....And I’m Out(Written by Galactic and J.Haynes) with MR.LIF
 3.The Corner(Written by Galactic and Timothy Parker) with GIFT OF GAB
 4.Second And Dryades(Written by Galactic) with BIG CHIEF MONK BOUDREAUX
 5.Think Back(Written by Galactic and Charli 2na) with CHALI 2NA
 6.Bounce Baby(Written by Galactic) with DJ Z-TRIP
 7.Hustle Up(Written by Galactic and R.Riley) with BOOTS RILEY
 8.Sidewalk Stepper(Written by Galactic)
 9.From The Corner To The Block(Written by Galactic, Juvenile and Soul Rebels BrassnBand)
                 with JUVENILE & SOUL REBELS BRASS BAND
10.Squarebiz(Written by Galactic and Ladybug Mecca) with LADYBUG MECCA and NINO MOSCHELLA
11.Tuff Love(Written by Galactic) with TROMBONE SHORTY
12.No Way(Written by Galactic and Lateef The Truth Speaker) with LATEEF THE TRUTH SPEAKER
13.Fanfare(Written by Galactic)
14.Find My Home(Written by Galactic and Mr.Irving and M.Campbell) with VURSATYL and OHMEGA WATTS
15.2 Dots(Written by Galactic)<Bonus Track for Japan>
16.The Player(Written by Galactic, Nino Maschella, Derrick Freeman and Keng)
                  with NINO MASCHELLA, MR. SMOKER and KENG<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced and engineered by Count, Ben Ellman and Galactic

GALACTIC 「Carnivale Electricos」

GALACTIC 「Carnivale Electricos」

 3.Magalenha feat. CASA SAMBA
 4.Voyage Ton Flag
 5.Out In The Street feat. CYRIL & IVAN NEVILLE
 7.Move Fast feat. MYSTIKAL & MANNIE FRESH
 9.Guero Bounce
10.Carnivale Time feat. AL "CARNIVAL TIME" JOHNSON
12.O Coco Da Galinha feat. MOYSEIS MARQUES
13.Ash Wednesday Sunrise

All songs written by Galactic
2 by Galactic/David Shaw/Maggie Koerner
3 by Carlinhos Brown
5 by Galactic/John Michael Rouchell
7 by Galactic/Mystikal/Mannie Fresh
8 by Galactic/Corey Henry/Derrick "Khabuky" Shezbie
10 by Al Johnson
12 by Galactic/Moyseis Marques
Produced by Robert Mercurio
except 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 Produced by Robert Mercurio and Ben Ellman

STANTON MOORE 「All Kooked Out!」

スタントン・ムーア 「オール・クックト・アウト!」

 1.Tchfunkta(Stanton Moore)
 2.Common Ground(Scott Jensen)
 3.Green Chimneys(Thelonius Monk)
 4.Blues For Ben(Luca Fredericksen)
 5.Kooks On Parade(S.Moore, E.Walton, C.Hunter, M.Perrine, B.Ellman)
 6.Nalgas(E.Walton, S.Moore, C.Hunter, M.Perrine)
 7.Witch Doctor(Stanton Moore)
 8.Boogaloo Boogie(John Patton)
 9.Nobodys Blues(Brian Seeger)
10.Stanton Hits The Bottle(S.Moore, M.Perrine, B.Rose, B.Seeger)
11.Farmstead Antiques(S.Moore, E.Walton, C.Hunter)
12.Angel Nemali(Dudu Pukwana)
13.Honey Island(Brian Seeger)
14.Kirotedo(Brent Rose)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
15.Obopa Bebop(Brent Rose)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Produced by Dan Prothero and Stanton Moore

STANTON MOORE 「Flyin' The Koop」

STANTON MOORE 「Flyin' The Koop」

 1.Tang The Hump(Stanton Moore-Skerik Walton-Karl Denson-Chris Wood)
 2.Fallin' Off The Floor(Stanton Moore-Skerik Walton-Karl Denson-Chris Wood)
 3.Let's Go(Brian Seeger-Charles Dennard)
 4.Launcho, Diablo(Stanton Moore-Skerik Walton-Karl Denson-Chris Wood)
 5.Prairie Sunset(Stanton Moore-Skerik Walton-Karl Denson-Chris Wood)
 6.Things Fall Apart(Stanton Moore-Skerik Walton-Chris Wood)
 7.Amy's Lament(Stanton Moore)
 8.Magnolia Triangle(James Black)
 9.Hunch(Brian Seeger-Charles Dennard)
10.Bottoms Up(Stanton Moore-Skerik Walton-Chris Wood)
11.For The Record(Brian Seeger)
12.Organized Chaos(Stanton Moore-Skerik Walton-Chris Wood)



 1.Poison Pushy(Robert Walter)
 2.Licorice(Robert Walter)
 3.Big 'Uns Get The Ball Rolling(Robert Walter)
 4.Chilcock(Mark Mullins)
 5.(Don't Be Comin' With No) Weak Sauce(Robert Walter)
 6.Dunkin' In the Deep(Will Bernard)
 7.Maple Plank(Robert Walter)
 8.Water From An Ancient Wall(Abdullah Ibrahim)
 9.When The Levee Breaks(John Baldwin, John Bonham, Jimmy Page, Robert Plat and Brian Stone)
10.I Shall Not Be Moved(Traditional)

Produced by Stanton Moore and Mike Napolitano

STANTON MOORE TRIO 「Emphasis! (On Parenthesis)」

STANTON MOORE TRIO 「Emphasis On Parenthesis」

 1.(Late Night At The) Maple Leaf
 2.(Proper) Gander
 3.Wissions (Of Vu)
 4.(Sifting Through The) African Diaspora
 5.Over (Compensatin')
 6.(Smell My) Special Ingredients
 7.(I Have) Super Strength
 8.(Who Ate The) Layer Cake?
 9.Thanks! (Again)
10.(Put On Your) Big People Shoes
11.(Here Come)The Brown Police

All songs written by Stanton Moore
Produced by Stanton Moore and Mike Napolitano

TERYL "HOUSEMAN" de'CLOUET 「The Houseman Cometh!」

セリル“ハウスマン”デクロウ 「ニューオーリンズ・サウンド from ギャラクティック」

 1.You Came(Daryl Johnson-Brian Walsh)
 2.Two Wrongs(Theryl de'Clouet-Michael Ward-Daryl Johnson)
 3.Where You Gettin' It?(Dan Penn-Hoy Lindsey-Carson Whitsett)
 4.I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know(Al Kooper)
 5.I Get Lifted(Harry Wayne Casey)
 6.Ain't No Yachts In The Ghetto(Theryl de'Clouet-Michael Ward-Daryl Johnson)
 7.Forever Starts Tonight(Theryl de'Clouet-Michael Ward-Daryl Johnson)
 8.Battlin' The Blues(Dan Penn-Hoy Lindsey-Carson Whitsett)
 9.Pocket Change(Theryl de'Clouet-Michael Ward-Daryl Johnson)
10.Share And Care(Theryl de'Clouet-Michael Ward-Daryl Johnson)
11.Ready, Willin' And Able(Theryl de'Clouet-Donald "Duck" Sylvester-Sullivan Wallace-Eugene Jackson)
12.Tough On You, Tough On Me(Hot Lindsey-Lonnie Mack)
13.If That's What It Takes(David Egan-Buddy Flett)

Produced by Scott Billington and Theryl de'Clouet

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