GARNETT SILK 「It's Growing」

GARNET SILK 「It's Growing」

 1.It's Growing
 2.Move On Slow
 3.Place In Your Heart
 5.Bless Me
 6.Come To Me
 7.I Am Vex
 9.Keep Them Talking
10.A Friend

Arranged and Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon

GARNET SILK 「Love Is The Answer」

ガーネット・シルク 「ラヴ・イズ・ジ・アンサー」

 1.Love Is The Answer
 2.Fight Back with RICHIE STEPHENS
 3.Cherry Promise
 4.Put On The Pressure
 5.Get Up Shock Out
 6.Uset To Be My Girl with SUPERVISOR
 7.Freind&Lover with SHARON FORRESTER
 8.All The Woman I Nee
10.A Man In Love

11.Love Is The Answer(Dub Mix)
12.Love Is The Answer(Version)
13.Cherry Dub Mix
14.Cherry Dub Version
15..Uset To Be My Girl (Dub Mix) 
16.Uset To Be My Girl(Version) with SUPERVISOR
17.Freind&Lover(Dub Mix) with SHARON FORRESTER
18.Freind&Lover(Acapella) with SHARON FORRESTER
19.Get Up Shock Out(Jungle Mix)

Produced and Arranged by Steely & Cevie
except 2 Produced by E.J.Robinson with Remixed by Steely & Clevie
11〜19 Remixed by Steely & Clevie

GARNETT SILK 「Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders」

GARNETT SILK 「Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders」

 1.Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders
 2.Cry Of My People
 3.So Divine
 4.Fill Us Up with Your Mercy
 5.Zion In A Vision
 6.Let Them Talk feat. FRANKIE PAUL & DETERMINE
 7.You Gonna Need Love
 8.Home Town
 9.Spread The Love
10.Babylon Be Still
11.Retreat Wicked Man
12.Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders(Remix)

Produced by King Jammy
2, 10 Produced by E.J.Robinson
5, 9 Produced by Jack Scorpio
11 Produced by Philip Smart


ガーネット・シルク 「ママ」

 1.I Can See Clearly Now feat. YASUS AFARI
 2.Nothing Can Divide Us
 3.Man Is Just A Man
 4.Ready To Love You
 5.King Moses
 7.Attractiveness feat. JIGSY KING
 8.Just Once feat. SUGAR BLACK
10.Spanish Angel
11.Give Us Strength

Produced and Arranged by Courtney Cole

GARNET SILK 「Nothing Can Divide Us」

GARNET SILK 「Nothing Can Divide Us」

 1.Nothing Can Divide Us
 2.Ready To Love You
 3.I Can See Clearly Now feat. YASUS AFARI
 5.King Moses
 6.Spanish Angel
 8.Just One feat. SUGAR BLACK
 9.Give Us Strength
10.Watch Over Your Shoulders
11.Man Is Just A Man
12.Your Attractiveness feat. JIGSY KING

All tracks arranged and produced by Courtney Cole
except 10 Produced by lloyd James

GARNET SILK 「The Definitive Collection」

GARNET SILK 「The Definitive Collection」

<DISC 1>
 1.Love You From A Distance
 2.Wrong Is Wrong
 3.Tell Them To Stop
 4.Your Time Has Expired
 5.Beyond A Dark Cloud
 6.Too Frightened To Be Scared
 7.I Am Not For Sale
 8.Life Is Like A Piano
 9.Love Is The Answer
10.Green Line

<DISC 2>
 1.Place In Your Heart
 3.Mama Africa
 4.Consider The Garden
 5.Love Is The Answer
 6.Rejoice In His Name
 7.Fill Us up with Your Mercy
 9.Thank You, Jah
10.Zion In A Vision

1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-6, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, Produced & Arranged by Maurice Hunt & Mikey Chung
1-7, 2-6 Produced by Bobby Digital
1-8 Produced by Delroy Collins
1-9 Produced by Steely & Clevie
1-10 Produced by Sly Dunbar
2-5 Remixed by Steely & Clevie
2-7 Produced by King Jammy
2-8 Produced by Kariang Production
2-9 Produced by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespear
2-10 Produced by Jack Scorpio

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