GENE CHANDLER 「The Girl Don't Care」

ジーン・チャンドラー 「ザ・ガール・ドント・ケア+2」

 1.Nothing Can Stop Me(Curtis Mayfield)
 2.You Can't Hurt Me No More(Curtis Mayfield)
 3.(I'm Just A) Fool For You(Gerald Sims-Carl Davis)
 4.Here Come The Tears(Gerald Sims)
 5.Good Times(Curtis Mayfield)
 6.The Girl Don't Care(K.Lewis-E.Dixon)
 7.To Choose(W.Butler-C.Davis-O.Leavill)
 8.Bet You Never Thought(Robert Miller)
 9.Baby That's Love(Shirley Johnson-Eugene Dixon)
10.Buddy Ain't It A Shame(B.Strong-S.Saunders)
11.No One Can Love You(Like I Do)(B.Strong)
12.My Love(W.Butler-C.Davis-O.Leavill)
13.There Goes The Lover(O.Leavill-C.Davis)<Bonus Track for Japan>
14.Tell Me What Can I Do(Cleveland)<Bonus Track for Japan>

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