GENERATION X 「Valley Of The Dolls」

GENERATION X 「Valley Of The Dolls」

 1.Running With The Boss Sound
 2.Night Of The Cadillacs
 3.Paradise West
 4.Friday's Angels
 5.King Rocker
 6.Valley Of The Dolls
 7.English Dream
 8.Love Like Fire
 9.The Prime Of Kenny Silvers(Part One〜PartTwo)

Produced by Ian Hunter

GENERATION X 「The Best Of Generation X」

ジェネレーションX 「ベスト・オブ・ジェネレーションX」

 1.Valley Of The Dolls
 2.Running With The Boss Sound
 3.Night Of The Cadillacs
 4.Fridays Angels
 5.One Hundred Punks
 6.King Rocker
 7.Wild Youth
 8.Dancing With Myself
11.Youth Youth Youth
12.From The Heart
13.Ready, Steady, Go

All songs written by Idol/James
except 2 written by Idol/James/Andrews
1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Produced by Ian Hunter
5, 11, 12, 13 produced by Martin Rushent
7 Produced by Phil Wainman
8. 9. 10 Produced by Keith Forsey

GENERATION X 「Perfect Hits 1975-1981」

GENERATION X 「Perfect Hits 1975-1981」

 1.Dancing With Myself
 2.Your Generation
 3.Ready, Steady, Go
 5.Day By Day
 6.Wild Youth
 7.Wild Dub
 8.One Hundred-Punks
 9.King Rocker
10.Kiss Me Deadly
11.Gimme Some Truth
12.New Order
13.English Dream
15.Youth, Youth, Youth

All songs written by Idol/James
4 by Idol
11 by John Lennon
1, 4, 14 Produced by Keith Forsey
2, 6 Produced by Phil Wainman
3, 7, 8, 10, 11, 15 Produced by Martin Rushent
9, 13 Produced by Ian Hunter
5 Produced by Jeff Griffin

BILLY IDOL 「Rebel Yell」

ビリー・アイドル 「反逆のアイドル」

 1.Rebel Yell
 2.Daytime Drama
 3.Eyes Without A Face
 4.Blue Highway
 5.Flesh For Fantasy
 6.Catch My Fall
 7.Crank Call
 8.(Do Not) Stand In The Shadows
 9.The Dead Next Door

All songs written and arranged by Idol/Stevens
except 6 by Billy Idol
Produced by Keith Forsey

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