GEORGE STRAIT 「Strait Country」

ジョージ・ストレイト 「ストレイト・カントリー」

 1.Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind(S.D.Shafer-D.Shafer)
 2.Any Old Time(J.Dayton-K.E.Nicoll)
 3.I Need Someone Like Me(S.D.Shafer)
 4.Honky Tonk Saturday Night(S.D.Shafer)
 5.I Should Have Watched That First Step(W.Kemp)
 6.Love Comes From The Other Side Of Town(F.J.Freiling)
 7.The Cowboy Rides Away(S.Throckmorton-C.Kelly)
 8.What Did You Expect Me To Do(S.D.Shafer)
 9.The Fireman(M.Vickery-W.Kemp)
10.Right Or Wrong(A.L.Sizemore-H.Gillespie-P/Biese)
11.A Little Heaven's Rubbing Off On Me(J.S.Sherill-G.Dobbins)
12.You're The Cloud I'm On (When I'm High)(R.Rogers)
13.Let's Fall To Pieces Together(D.Lee-T.Rocco-J.Russell)
14.I'm Satisfied With You(F.Rose)
15.Fifteen Years Going Up (And One Night Coming Down)(P.Forman)
16.Six Pack To Go(J.Lowe-H.Thompson-D.Hart) with HANK THOMPSON
17.A Fire I Can't Put Out(D.Staedtler)
18.I Can't See Texas From Here(G.Strait)
19.Amarillo By Morning(T.Stafford-P.Franser)
20.Fool Hearted Memory(B.Hill-A.R.Mevis)
21.Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind(Original T.V. Track)
22.Amarillo By Morning(Original T.V. Track)

GEORGE STRAIT 「Holding My Own」

ジョージ・ストレイト 「ホールディング・マイ・オウン」

 1.You're Right I'm Wrong(Marty Stuart/Wayne Perry)
 2.Holding My Own(Dean Dillon/Pamela Belford)
 3.Gone As A Girl Can Get(Jerry Max Lane)
 4.So Much Like My Dad(Chips Moman/Bobby Emmons)
 5.Trains Make Me Lonesome(Paul Overstreet/Thom Schuyler)
 6.All Of Me(Loves All Of You)(Kimm Williams/L.David Lewis/Monty Holmes)
 7.Wonderland Of Love(Curtis Wayne)
 8.Faults And All(Carl Perkins)
 9.It's Alright With Me(Jackson Leap)
10.Here We Go Again(Russell Steagall/Don Lanier)
11.Someone had To Teach You(Harlan Howard/Bill Harvey)<Bonus Track>
12.Heaven Must Be Wondering Where You Are(L.David Lewis/David Chamnerlain)<Bonus Track>
13.Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy(Clay Blaker)<Bonus Track>
14.Drinking Champagne(Bill Mack)<Bonus Track>
15.We're Supposed To Do That Now ANd Then(Dean Dillon/David Anthony/Joe Royer)<Bonus Track>
16.Love Without End, Amen(Aaron Barker)<Bonus Track>

Produced by Jimmy Bowen and George Strait


ジョージ・ストレイト 「リード・オン」

 1.You Can't Make A Heart Love Somebody(Steve Clark-Johnny MacRae)
 2.Adalida(Mike Geiger-Woody Mullis-Michael Huffman)
 3.I Met A Friend Of Yours Today(Wayland Holyfield-Bob McDill)
 4.Nobody Has To Get Hurt(Jim Lauderdale-Terry A. McBride)
 5.Down Louisiana Way(Aaron Barker-Donny Kees-Sanger D. Shafer)
 6.Lead On(Dean Dillon-Teddy Gentry)
 7.What Am I Waiting For(Jim Lauderdale)
 8.Big One(Gerry House-Devon O'Day)
 9.I'll Always Be Loving You(Aaron Barker-Donny Kees-Sanger D. Shafer)
10.No One But You(Max D. Barnes)

Produced by Tony Brown and George Strait

GEORGE STRAIT 「Blue Clear Sky」

GEORGE STRAIT 「Blue Clear Sky」

 1.Blue Clear Sky(Mark D. Sanders, John Jarrard, Bob DiPiero)
 2.Carried Away(Steve Bogard, Jeff Stevens)
 3.Rockin' In The Arms Of Your Memory(Dean Dillon, Norro Wilson)
 4.She Knows When You're On My Mind(Wayne Kemp, Mack Vickery)
 5.I Ain't Never Seen No One Like You(Roger Springer, Bruce Bouton, Mark Chesnutt)
 6.I Can Still Make Cheyenne(Aaron Baker, Erv Woolsey)
 7.King Of The Mountain(Paul Nelson, Karry Boone)
 8.Do The Right Thing(Jim Landerdale, Gary Nicholson)
 9.I'd Just As Soon Go(Dean Dillon, Aaron Baker)
10.Need I Say More(Clay Blaker, Roger Brown)

Produced by Tony Brown and George Strait

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