GEORGE PETTUS 「This Is Your Night」

ジョージ・ペタス 「ジス・イズ・ユア・ナイト」

 1.Don't Put Me Off 'Til Tomorrow
 2.Grove With You
 3.Somebody I Used To Know
 4.This Is You Night
 5.I Wish
 6.Hold That Plane
 7.All About Love
 8.So Irresistible
 9.R U Inquisitive
10.You Can Depend On Me
11.Where Your Love Lies
12.Don't Put Me Off 'Til Tomorrow(Remix Vocal Version)

1, 10, 12 Produced by David "Pic" Conley
2, 3, 5 Produced by Angela Winbush and Ronald Isley
4, 9 Produced by Larry Hatcher & Keith Andes
6 Produced by George Pettus and Dave Erbele
7 Produced by Mikki Bleu
8 Produced by Wilton Rabb
11 Produced by Wilton Rabb and Eric Daniels

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