GOTCH 「Can't Be Forever Young」

GOTCH 「Can't Be Forever Young」

 2.Humanoid Girl/機械仕掛けのあの娘
 3.The Long Goodbye/長いお別れ
 4.Stray Cats in the Rain/野良猫たちは雨の中
 5.Can't Be Forever Young/いのちを燃やせ
 6.Nervous Breakdown/軽いノイローゼ
 8.Great Escape from Reality/偉大なる逃避行
 9.Blackbird Sings at Night/黒歌鳥は夜に鳴く
10.Sequel to the Story/話の続き
11.A Girl in Love/恋する乙女

All songs written by Masafumi Gotoh
except 8 music by Atsushi Horie, Masafumi Gotoh
Recorded by Masafumi Gotoh & Kenichi Nakamura

Produced by Emile Haynie
2, 9 Produced by Plain Pat
5 Produced by Dot The Genius
7 Produced by Chuck Inglish
8 Produced by Jim Jonsin

Produced by Lenny Waronker and Joe Boyd
except 11 Produced by David Nichtern

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