GUY 「Guy The Future」


 2.Wanna Get With You
 3.Do Me Right
 4.Teddy's Jam 2
 5.Let's Chill
 6.Tease Me Tonite
 7.Dog Me Out
 8.Total Control
 9.Gotta Be A Leader
10.The Future
11.Let's Stay Together
12.Long Gone
13.Where Did the Love Go
14.Yearning for Your Love
16.Wanna Get With U(Club Version)

Produced by Teddy Riley
8 Produced by Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall
9 Produced by Teddy Riley, Aqil Davidson, Markell Riley and Brandon Mitchell



 2.The Best
 3.We're Comin'
 5.Rescue Me
 6.Teddy's Jam III
 7.Do It
 8.Why You Wanna Keep Me From My Baby
 9.Tellin' Me No
10.Not A Day
11.Love Online
12.Spend Time
13.Don't U Miss Me
15.Fly Away

2 Produced by Teddy Riley and Big Yams
3 Produced by Eric "E Ballad" Williams, Teddy Riley and Wesley Hogges
4 Produced by Darrin Lighty and Eddie F., and Teddy Riley
5 Produced by Teddy Riley, Darryl "Dezo" Adams and Walter "Mucho" Scott
6, 7, 8, 10, 14 Produced by Teddy Riley
9, 12 Produced by Teddy Riley and Walter "Mucho" Scott
11 Produced by Leon Sylvers V and Teddy Riley
13 Produced by Teddy Riley, Rich Lightning, and J. Max
15 Produced by Teddy Riley and Darryl Marshall
16 Produced by Teddy Riley and Aaron Hall

AARON HALL 「The Truth」

AARON HALL 「The Truth」

 2.Do Anything
 3.Open Up
 4.Get A Little Freaky With Me
 5.Pick Up The Phone
 6.Don't Be Afraid (Jazz You Up Version)
 7.Until I Found You
 8.You Keep Me Crying (Interlude)
 9.Don't Be Afraid (Introduction)
10.Don't Be Afraid (Sex You Down Some Mo' Version)
11.Let's Make Love
12.When You Need Me
13.I Miss You
14.Until The End Of Time

2, 12 Produced and Arranged by Vassal Benford
3 Produced by Hank Schoklee
4, 11 Produced by Aaron Hall V and Laney Stewart
5, 7 Produced by Laney Stewart
6 Produced by Hank Schoklee and Gary G
8, 10, 14 Produced by Aaron Hall V and Vassal Benford
13 Produced by Gregory Cauthen

AARON HALL 「Inside Of You」

アーロン・ホール 「インサイド・オブ・ユー」

 1.You Make Me Feel Good Inside
 2.I'll Do Anything
 3.If You Leave Me feat. FAITH EVANS
 4.All the Places(I Will Kiss You)
 5.What Did I Do?
 6.Move It Girl
 7.I Want Your Body
 8.None Like You
 9.Going Down feat. ALLAN GUMBS
10.Baby I'll Be By Your Side
11.Don't Rush the Night
12.Thinkin' Of You
13.None But The Righteous
15.Tell Me What You Like feat. SAUCE MONEY<Bonus Track For Japan Only>

1, 8, 12, 13, 14 Produced by Aaron Hall V
2 Produced by Aaron Hall V & Joe Wilson
3 Produced by Aaron Hall V & Faith Evans
4, 15 Produced by Manuel Seal
5, 6, 11 Produced by Aaron Hall V & Reese Johnson
7, 10 Produced by Joe "Flip" Wilson and Aaron Hall V
9 Produced by Malik Pendleton

AARON HALL 「Adults Only」

AARON HALL 「Adults Only」

 2.Hands On Me
 3.Serve That Body feat. KANSASCALI
 4.Bout That
 5.Perfect Woman
 6.Voice Mail
 9.Still Here
10.All I Think About Is You
14.Tears From Heaven feat. K-CI HAILEY
15.Betta Watch Your Girl feat. KANSASCALI<Bonus Track>

Produced by Mike Smoov
3, 10 Produced by Pittboss & E.Borders of "Da Bookeez"
4 Produced by Dejion
5 Produced by Kurt Clayton
7, 8, 14 Produced by Ralph B. Stacey
11 Produced by Craig "Boogie" Brockman
15 Produced by Pittboss of "Da Bookeez"

DAMION "CRAZY LEGS" HALL 「Straight To The Point」

ダミオン・ホール 「ストレート・トゥ・ザ・ポイント」

 1.Let's Get It Going On
 2.Love's Knockin'
 3.Crazy About You
 4.Do Me Like You Wanna Be Done
 5.A Song For You Duet With Aaron Hall
 6.Satisfy You with CHANTE MOORE
 7.Holdin' On
 8.Lost Inside Of You
 9.Never Enough
10.Second Chance
11.Now Or Never
12.Long Lasting Love Affair
13.Black As You Wanna Be
14.Satisfy You with CHANTE MOORE(Remix)

1, 4, 11 Produced by Chris "Tricky" Stewart and Sean "Sep" Hall; Co-Produced by Damion "Crazy Legs" Hall
2 Produced by John Howcott, Emanuel Officer & Donald Parks
3, 7, 12, 13 Produced by Damion "Crazy Legs" Hall; Co-Produced by Chris "Tricky" Stewart and Sean "Sep" Hall
5 Produced and Arranged by John Nettlesbey and Terry Coffey
6 Produced by Bryan Loren
8, 9, 10 Produced by Brian McKnight
14 Remixed by Tony Dofat

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