HANK SNOW 「Best Selection」

ハンク・スノウ 「ベスト・セレクション」

 1.I'm Movin' On(C.E.Snow)
 2.The Golden Rocket(C.E.Snow)
 3.The Rhumba Boogie(C.E.Snow)
 4.Bluebird Island(C.E.Snow) with ANITA CARTER
 5.Down The Trail Of Achin' Hearts(J.Kennedy-N.Simon) with ANITA CARTER
 6.Music Makin' Mama From Memphis(C.E.Snow)
 7.Gold Rush Is Over(C.E.Snow)
 8.Lady's Man(C.Coben)
 9.I Wonder Where You Are Tonight(J.Bond)
10.Married By The Bible.Divorced By The Low(J.Rector-N.Starns-P.W.Truenitt)
11.The Wreck Of The Old '97(Whitter-Noell-Lowry)
12.I Went To Your Wedding(Robbinson)
13.A Fool Such As I(B.Trader)
14.Honey Moon On A Rocket Ship(C.E.Snow)
15.Spanish Fire Ball(D.Welch)
16.Glory Land March(Masters)
17.I Don't Hurt Anymore(RObertson-Rollins)
18.Let Me Go Lover(J.L.Carson-A.Hill)
19.Cryin' Prayin' Waitin' Hopin'(JOnes-Smith)
20.Yellow Roses(K.Davine-S.Nichols)

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