HANOI ROCKS 「Oriental Beat」

ハノイ・ロックス 「オリエンタル・ビート」

 2.Don't Follow Me
 4.Teenangels Outsiders
 5.Sweet Home Suburbia
 7.No Law Or Order
 8.Oriental Beat
 9.Devil Woman
10.Lightnin' Bar Blues
11.Fallen Star

All songs written by Andy McCoy
1, 4 by Mike Monroe & Andy McCoy
10 by H.Axton

HANOI ROCKS 「Back To Mystery City」

ハノイ・ロックス 「ミステリー・シティ」

 1.Strange Boys Play Weird Openings
 2.Malibu Beach Nightmare
 3.Mental Beat
 4.Tooting Bec Wreck
 5.Until I Get You
 6.Sailing Down The Tears
 7.Lick Summer Love
 8.Beating Gets Faster
 9.Ice Cream Summer
10.Back To Mystery City

All Songs by Andy McCoy
except 8 by Andy McCoy and Mike Monroe
Produced by Dale Griffin and Overend Watts

HANOI ROCKS 「Two Steps From The Move」

HANOI ROCKS 「Two Steps From The Move」

 1.Up Around The Bend(J.Fogerty)
 2.High School(McCoy/Ezrin)
 3.I Can't Get It(McCoy/Ezrin/Hunter)
 4.Underwater World(McCoy/Hunter)
 5.Don't You Ever Leave Me(McCoy)
 6.Million Miles Away(McCoy/Ezrin/Munroe)
 7.Boulevard Of Broken Dreams(McCoy/Ezrin/Hunter)
 8.Boiler (Me Boiler 'n' Me)(Hanoi Rocks)
10.Cutting Corners(McCoy/Ezrin)

Produced by Bob Ezrin
except 1 Produced by Bob Ezrin and David Tickle

HANOI ROCKS 「Self Destruction Blues」

ハノイ・ロックス 「セルフ・ディストラクション・ブルース」

 1.Love's An Injection(Andy McCoy)
 2.I Want You(Andy McCoy)
 3.Cafe Avenue(Andy McCoy)
 4.Nothing New(Andy McCoy)
 5.Kill City(Andy McCoy-Ralf Orn)
 6.Self Destruction Blues(Andy McCoy)
 7.Beer And A Cigarette(Andy McCoy)
 8.Whispers In The Dark(Andy McCoy-Vincent-Grant)
 9.Taxi Driver(Andy McCoy)
10.Desperados(Andy McCoy)
11.Problem Child(Andy McCoy)

HANOI ROCKS 「All Those Wasted Years ・ Live At The Marquee」

HANOI ROCKS 「All Those Wasted Years ・ Live At The Marquee」

 2.Oriental Beat
 3.Back To Mystery City
 5.Until I Get You
 6.Mental Beat
 7.Don't Never Leave Me
 9.Malibu Beach Nightmare
11.11th Street Kids
12.Taxi Driver
13.Lost In The City
14.Lightnin' Bar Blues
15.Beer And A Cigarette
16.Under My Wheels
17.I Feel Alright
18.Train Kept A Rollin'

Produced by Overend Watts

HANOI ROCKS 「Million Miles Away」

ハノイ・ロックス 「ミリオン・マイルス・アウェイ〜ハノイ・ロックス・ベスト」

 1.Strange Boys Play Weird Openings(A.McCoy)
 2.Malibu Beach Nightmare(A.McCoy)
 3.Ice Cream Summer(A.McCoy)
 4.Oriental Beat(Live)(A.McCoy)
 5.Don't You Ever Leave Me(A.McCoy)
 7.Love's An Injection(A.McCoy)
 8.Underwater World(Live)(McCoy/Hunter)
 9.Two Steps From The Move(A.McCoy)
10.Under My Wheels(Live)(A.Cooper)
11.Up Around The Bend(J.Fogarty)
12.Million Miles Away(McCoy/Ezrin/Monroe)

HANOI ROCKS 「Twelve Shots On The Rocks」

ハノイ・ロックス 「トゥエルヴ・ショッツ・オン・ザ・ロックス」

 2.Obscured(Monroe, Wilder, Fernandez, Amaral & Gutierres)
 3.Whatcha Want(Michael Monroe & Jude Wilder)
 4.People Like Me(Michael Monroe & Andy McCoy)
 5.In My Darkest Moment(Michael Monroe & Andy McCoy)
 6.Delirious(Thomas/Holton/Williams, Additional Lyrics by Michael Monroe & Jude Wilder)
 7.A Day Late A Dollar Short(Andy McCoy)
 8.New York City(Michael Monroe & Jude Wilder)
 9.Winged Bull(Daryl Hall)
10.Watch This(Michael Monroe & Jude Wilder)
11.Gypsy Boots(Michael Monroe & Andy McCoy)
12.Lucky(Michael Monroe & Andy McCoy)
13.Designs On You(Michael Monroe, Title by Jude Wilder)
14.Check Out The Girl(Andy McCoy)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by The Muddy Twins, Petri Majuri & Ian Vincent

MICHAEL MONROE 「Nights Are So Long」

マイケル・モンロー 「ナイト・アー・ソー・ロング」

 1.She's No Angel(Holton)
 2.Million Miles Away(Secick/Cruisin)
 3.Shake Some Action(Jordan/Wilson/Photon)
 4.It's A Lie(Zero)
 6.Nights Are So Long(Zero)
 7.Can't Go Home Again(Monroe/Lee)
 8.Too Rich To Be Good(Monroe)
 9.You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory(Thunders/Clouseau)
10.Keep It Up(Monroe)

Produced by Craig Goetsch & Michael Monroe


 1.Dead, Jail Or Rock 'N' Roll(Michael Monroe/Little Steven/Nasty Suicide)
 2.While You Were Looking At Me(Little Steven)
 3.She's No Angel(Gary Holton/Michael Monroe/Steve Bators)
 4.All Night With The Lights On(Michael Monroe/Phil Grande/Danny Lewis)
 5.Not Fakin' It(Dan McCafferty/Manny Charlton/Pete Agnew/Darrel Sweet)
 6.Shakedown(Michael Monroe/Phil Grand)
 7.Man With No Eyes(Michael Monroe/Phil Grande)
 8.Love Is Thicker Than Blood(Michael Monroe/Martin Briley)
 9.Smoke Screen(Michael Monroe/Little Steven/Nasty Suicide)
10.Thrill Me(Michael Monroe/Phil Grande)

Produced by Michael Frondelli
except 1, 2, 3, 9 Produced by Michael Frondelli & Michael Monroe

DEMOLITION23. 「Demolition23.」

DEMOLITION23. 「Demolition23.」

 1.Nothin's Alright
 2.Hammersmith Palais
 3.The Scum Lives On
 5.Ain't Nothin' To Do
 6.I Wanna Be Loved
 7.You Crucified Me
 8.Same Shit Different Day
 9.Endangered Species
10.Deadtime Stories

All songs written by Monroe/Wilder/Van Zandt
5 written by Bator/Chrome
6 written by Jonny Thunders
9 written by Haper/Garratt
10 written by Monroe/Wilder

Produced by Little Steven
Recorded and mixed by Ben Fowler

THE SUICIDE TWINS 「Silver Missiles And Nightingales」

スーサイド・トゥインズ 「シルヴァー・ミサイルズ・アンド・ナイチンゲールズ」

 2.Heaven Made You(McCoy/Tregunna)
 4.Mainline Service(McCoy)
 5.What A Price To Pay(McCoy)
 6.Silver Missiles And Nightingales(McCoy)
 7.Coming Down Slow(McCoy)
 8.The Best Is Yet To Come(McCoy)
 9.Sweet Pretending(McCoy/Tregunna)
10.Countryfied Inner City Blues(McCoy)

Produced by Andy McCoy and Alan Scott

ANDY McCOY 「Too Much Ain't Enough」

アンディ・マッコイ 「トゥー・マッチ・エイント・エナフ」

 1.I Will Follow
 2.Tell Me A Story
 3.Talking 'Bout A Feeling
 4.Knee Deep In Sky High
 5.Too Far Gone
 6.Too Much Ain't Enough
 7.Spanish Harlem
 8.My Mistake
 9.Heart Of The Matter
10.Make Believe

All songs by Andy McCoy
8 by Pa,ela Sawyer-Gloria Jones/Arr.Andy McCoy
9 Andy McCoy-Kenny Zoroder

ANDY McCOY 「Building On Tradition」

アンディ・マッコイ 「ビルディング・オン・トラディション」

 1.Strung Out
 2.I'm Gonna Roll You
 3.Born Again Electric
 4.She's Doing It With Lazers
 5.Unconditional Love
 6.Foxfire Junction
 8.Love & Hate
 9.Dreaming Of Japan
10.Let It Rock
11.Italian Girl
12.Gotta Let It Go
14.Medieval Madras
15.Candle Burn't Down<Bonus Track for Japan Only>
16.Cheyenne(Part Two)<Bonus Track for Japan Only>

Written by Andy McCoy
6 by Trad.
8 Lyrics by Danny Lagerstedt/Music by Andy McCoy- Gyp Casino
13 Written by J.Lordan

Produced by Andy McCoy


アンディ・マッコイ 「ブライアード」

 1.F.T.A. -Fuck The Army-(Malmi-Nicoletti)
 2.I Didn't Know She Could Rock'n'Roll(McCoy)
 3.River Of Dreams(McCoy)
 4.Let's Play Home(Malmi)
 5..Why Is Love So Cruel(McCoy-Malmi)
 6.Sexy Girl(McCoy)
 7.London Town(McCoy)
 8.Head Over Heel(McCoy-Malmi)
 9.Border To Border(McCoy)
10.The Spirit(McCoy)

Produced by Andy McCoy
except 3 Produced by Andy McCoy and Asko Kallonen

CHEAP AND NASTY 「Beautiful Disaster」

チープ・アンド・ナスティ 「ビューティフル・ディザスター」

 1.Midnight Emperor(Gibbs)
 3.Beautiful Disaster(Gibbs/Caltio)
 4.Queen Bee(Suicide)
 5.Sweet Love(Suicide)
 6.Body Electric(Gibbs)
 8.Live In A Lie(Riggs)
10.Shot Down(Gibbs)
11.Break For The Border(Suicide)
13.Electric Flag(Suicide/Gibbs)
14.International Action(Suicide)
15.Mind Across The Ocean(Suicide)

Produced by Cheap And Nasty

CHEAP AND NASTY 「Cool Talk Injection」

チープ・アンド・ナスティ 「クール・トーク・インジェクション」

 1.Devil Calling(Suicide/D.Tregunna)
 2.Ain't Coming Together(Suicide/Riggs/Gibbs)
 3.Silent Scream(Suicide/Suicide)
 4.I Know This(Riggs/Sparrow)
 6.Bad Man's Dream(Gibbs)
 8.Dangerous Ways(Suicide)
 9.Lucky Dice(Suicide/Gibbs)
10.$5 Emotion(Gibbs)
11.One More Time(Gibbs)
12.Shadow Me(Suicide)
14.The Trap That Venus Laid(Gibbs)
15.Healing Touch(Suicide)
16.End Of Time(Suicide/Caltio)

Produced byAdrian Bushby & Cheap & Nasty
except 14, 15, 16 Produced and mixed by Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ