THE HAPPY END 「There's Nothing Quite Like Money」

ハッピー・エンド 「ゼアズ・ナッシング・クワイト・ライク・マネー」

 1.March From Niemandsland(Hanns Eisler)
 2.Der Kanonensong(Kurt Weil/Bertolt Brecht)
 3.There's Nothing Quite Like Money(Eisler/Brecht)
 4.Viva La Quince Brigada(Spanish Trad.)
 5.The Love Market(Eisler/Brecht)
 6.La Partida(Victor Jara)
 7.The East Is Red(Chinese Folk Tune)
 8.The Song Of Mandalay(Weil/Brecht)
 9.The Circus Band 1894(Charles Ives)
10.Surabaya Johnny(Weil/Brecht)
11.Hasta Siempre(Carlos Pueblo)
12.On Suicide(Eisler/Brecht)
13.Solidarity Song(Eisler/Brecht)

Produced by Mat Fox, Glen Gordon, Gordon Nelki

THE HAPPY END 「Turn Things Upside Down」

THE HAPPY END 「Turn Things Upside Down」

 1.The Oakey Strike Evictions(Words:Tommy Armstrong/Music:Trad.Glen Gordon)
 2.Turn Things Upside Down(WOrds:J.Bruce Glasier/Music:Mat Fox)
 3.What Keeps Mankind Alive?(Words:Bertolt Brecht/Music:Kurt Weil arranged by Danny Manners)
 4.Nkosi Sikelelei' Afrika/ANG(Music:Enoch Sontonga/Glen Gordon)
 5.Starstruck(Words&Music:Mat Fox)
 6.Sailing The Seas(Depends Upon The Helsman)(Words&Music:Chinese trad. arranged by Mat Fox)
 7.The Big Rock Candy Mountain(Words:Harry McClintock/Music Trad./Glen Gordon)
 8.Rhumba Por Nicaragua(Music:adapted from "Bella Cubana" by M.Rivera y Chorolo)
 9.The Red Flag(Words:James Connel/Music:Trad./Danny Manners)

Produced by Timothy Cummming, Glen Gordon and Danny Manners

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ