HEAVEN 17 「Penthouse And Pavement」

HEAVEN 17 「Penthouse And Pavement」

 1.(We Don't Need This)Fascist Groove Thang
 2.Penthouse And Pavement
 3.Play To Win
 4.Soul Warfare
 5.Geisha Boys And Temple Girls
 6.Let's All Make A Bomb
 7.Height Of The Fighting
 8.Song with No Name
 9.We're Going To Live For A Very Long Time
Bonus Tracks
10.Groove Thang(B.E.F.)
11.Are Everything(12" Version)
12.I'm Your Money(12" Version)
13.Decline Of The West(B.E.F.)
14.Honeymoon In New York(B.E.F.)

All songs composed by Ware, marsh and Gregory
11 composed by P.Shelly
13, 14 composed by Ware, Marsh
Produced by British Electric Foundation

HEAVEN 17 「Teddy Bear, Duke And Psycho」

ヘヴン17 「テディ・ベア、デューク、サイコ」

 1.Big Square People
 2.Don't Stop For No One
 3.Snake And Two People
 4.Can You Hear Me?
 5.Hot Blood
 6.The Ballad Of Go Go Brown
 8.I Set You Free
 9.Train On Love In Motion
12.Giving Up
13.The Last Seven Days
14.Foolish Thing To Do
15.Slow All Over

All tracks Written by Gregory/Marsh/Ware
10, 15 by Gregory/Marsh/Ware/Cansfield
13, 14 by Gregory/Marsh/Ware/Plytas

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