HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ 「Peaceful Journey」

ヘヴィ・D. &ザ・ボーイズ 「ピースフル・ジャーニー」

 1.Now That We Found Love
 2.Let It Rain
 3.I Can Make You Go Oooh
 4.Sister Sister
 5.Don't Curse
 6.Peaceful Journey
 7.Lover's Got What U Need
 8.Cuz He'z Alwayz Around
 9.Is It Good To You
10.Letter To The Future
11.Swinging With Da Hevster
12.Body And Mind
13.Do Me, Do Me
14.Somebody For Me(Jazz Lover Mix)
15.Let The People Song<Bonus Track>

1, 4, 9 Produced by Teddy Riley
2, 5, 8, 10, 13 Produced by Pete Rock, Co-Produced by Heavy D.
3, 15 Produced by Howie Tee
4, 7, 11, Prodyced by Marley Marl
6 Produced by DJ Eddie F.
12 Produced by Maurice "Nevelle" Hodge & dave Hall. Co-Produced by Heavy D.
14 Produced by DJ Eddie F. and Maurice "Nevelle" Hodge

HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ 「Blue Funk」

HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ 「Blue Funk」

 2.Who's The Man?
 3.Talk Is Cheap
 5.It's A New Day
 6.Who's In The House
 7.Love Sexy
 8.Slow Down
10.Here Comes the Heavster
11.Blue Funk
12.Yes Y'All
13.Buncha Niggas

1, 2, 6 Produced by Tony Dofat
3 Produced by Skeff Anselm
4 Produced by Steely & Clevie
5, 7, 11 Produced by Peter Rock
8, 9, 13 Produced by Jesse West
10, 12 Produced by DJ Premier

HEAVY D. & THE BOYZ 「Nuttin' But Love」

ヘヴィ・D&ザ・ボーイズ 「ナッティン・バット・ラヴ」

 1.Friends & Respect
 2.Sex Wit You
 3.Got Me Waiting
 4.Nuttin' But Love
 5.Something Goin' On
 6.This Is Your Night
 7.Got Me Waiting(Remix)
 8.Take Your Time
 9.Spend a Little Time on Top
10.Keep It Goin'
11.Black Coffee
12.Move On
13.Lord's Prayer

1, 12 Produced by Poke
2, 3 Produced by Pete Rock
4 Produced by Heavy D & Kid Capri
5, 9 Produced by Marley Marl
6 Produced by Teddy Riley
7 Produced by Alton "Wookie" Stewart
8 Produced by Erick Sermon
10 Produced by Heavy D & Troy "Druppy Dog" Williams
11 Produced by Easy Mo' Bee
13 Produced by Heavy D

HEAVY D 「Waterbed Hev」

HEAVY D  「Waterbed Hev」

 1.Big Daddy
 2.Keep It Comin
 3.You Can Get It feat. SOUL FOR REAL and LOST BOYZ
 4.Waterbed Hev
 5.Shake It
 6.I'll Do Anything
 7.Don't Be Afraid feat. BIG BUB
 8.Justa' Interlude
 9.Can You Handle It feat. DAZ and KURUPT from THA DOGG POUND
10.Wanna Be A Player feat. McGRUFF
11.Get Fresh Hev
12.Big Daddy(Remix) feat. McGRUFF

Produced by Tony Dofat and Heavy D
except 4 Produced by Daven "Prestige" Vanderpool

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