HERMAN'S HERMITS 「Introducing Hermna's Hermits」

ハーマンズ・ハーミッツ 「ミセス・ブラウンのお嬢さん」

 1.Mrs.Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter(Peacock)
 2.Can't You Hear My Heartbeat(Carter-Lewis)
 3.The End Of The World(Sylvia Dee-A.Kent)
 4.Wonderful World(Alpert-Adler-Cooke)
 5.Show Me Girl(Goffin-King)
 6.Sea Cruise(Smith)
 7.For Your Love(Gouldman)
 8.I'm Into Something Good(Goffin-King)
 9.Silhouettes(Slam Jr.-Crewe)
10.I Understand(Best)
11.Dream On(Gordon)
12.I'm Henry The Eight I Am(Murray-Campion)
13.Walkin' With My Angel(Goffin-King)
14.Travellin' Light(Tepper-Bennet)
15.Listen People(Gouldman)<Bonus Track>
16.You Won't Be Leaving(Hazzard)<Bonus Track>
17.Leaning On The Lamp Post(Gay)<Bonus Track>
18.This Door Swings Both Ways(Thomas-Levitt)<Bonus Track>
19.Dandy(Davies)<Bonus Track>
20.East West(Gouldman)<Bonus Track>
21.Hold On(Sloan-Barri)<Bonus Track>

HERMAN'S HERMITS 「Their Greatest Hits」

 1.Mrs.Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter(Peacock)
 2.No Milk Today(Gouldman)
 3.End Of The World(Kent/Dee)
 4.This Door Swings Both Ways(Thomas/Levitt)
 5.Just A Little Bit Better(Young)
 6.I'm Henry The VIII, I Am(Murray/Weston)
 7.There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World(Stephens/Reed)
 9.I'm Into Something Good(Goffin/King)
10.Can't You Hear My Heartbeat(Carter/Lewis)
12.(What A) Wonderful World(Cooke/Adler/Alpert)
13.Hold On(Sloan/Barri)
14.Listen People(Gouldman)
15.Leaning On A Lamp Post(Gay)
16.A Must To Avoid(Sloan/Barri)

Produced by Mickie Most

HERMAN'S HERMITS 「The EP Collection」

HERMAN'S HERMITS 「The EP Collection」

 1.Sea Cruise(Smith)
 3.I Understand(Best)
 4.Thinkin' Of You(Pearson)
 5.Mrs.Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter(Peacock)
 6.Show Me Girl(Goffin-King)
 7.Silhouettes(Slay Jnr.-Crewe)
 8.Wonderful World(Campbell-Alpert-Adler)
 9.Can't You Hear My Heartbeat(Carter-Lewis)
10.I'm Into Something Good(Goffin-King)
11.A Must To Avoid(Sloan-Barri)
12.I'm Henry The Eighth I Am(Murray-Weston)
13.Just A LIttle Bit Better(Young)
14.Walkin' With My Angel(Goffin-King)
15.Where Were You When I Needed You(Sloan-Barri)
16.Hold On(Sloan-Barri)
17.George And The Dragon(Karger-Weisman-Wayne)
18.All The Things I Do For You Baby(Sloan-Barri)
19.Wild Love(Karger-Weisman-Wayne)
20.Dandy(Ray Davies)
21.No Milk Today(Gouldman)
22.For Love(Lisberg-Hopwood)

All tracks Produced by Mickie Most

HERMAN'S HERMITS 「The Best Of The EMI Years Volume 1: 1964-1966」

HERMAN'S HERMITS 「The Best Of The EMI Years Volume 1: 1964-1966」

 1.I'm Into Something Good(Goffin/King)
 2.I'm Henry The Eitghth I Am(Murray/Weston)
 4.Show Me Girl(Goffin/King)
 5.Can't You Hear My Heartbeat(Carter/Lewis)
 6.Take Love, Give Love(Noone)
 7.Wonderful World(Alpert/Adler/Cooke)
 8.Mrs.Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter(Peacock)
 9.Just A Little Bit Better(Young)
10.A Must To Avoid(Sloan/Barri)
11.You Won't Be Leaving(Hazzard)
12.Listen People(Gouldman)
13.Hold On(Sloan/Barri)
14.This Door Swings Both Ways(Thomas/Levitt)
15.Leaning On A Lamp Post(Gay)
16.All The Things I Do For You Baby(Sloan/Barri)
17.Little Boy Sad(Walker De-La-Noe)
18.Dial My Number(Worth)
19.George And The Dragon(Karger/Weisman/Wayne)
20.East West(Gouldman)
22.No Milk Today(Gouldman)

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