THE HIT PARADE 「With Love From...」

THE HIT PARADE 「With Love From...」

 3.My Favorite Girl
 4.It Rained On Monday
 5.The Sun Shines In Gerrards Cross
 6.You Hurt Me Too
 7.Hebos Mexicana
 8.You Didn't Love Me Then
 9.See You In Havana
10.Wipe Away The Tears
11.I Get So Sentimental
13.The Sun In My Eyes
14.Come And Get Me Girl
15.You As Just A Memory
16.Let Her Go
17.I Wish
18.All The Way Across
19.Run Away

THE HIT PARADE 「More Pop Songs」

THE HIT PARADE 「More Pop Songs」

 1.In The Hit Parade
 3.The Beatles In 1963
 4.When I Close My Eyes
 6.The Streets Of Toytown
 7.Christmas Tears
 8.It Was Meant To Be
 9.Groovy Heart Attack
10.You Were Mine
11.It Doesn't Matter Now
12.What Did You Love Me For?
13.Chrismas Tears(starring Amelia)
14.If You See Her

All songs by Julian HenryProducing, proframming and sampling by Raymond Watts

THE HIT PARADE 「Light Music」

ヒット・パレード 「ライト・ミュージック」

 1.The Wrong Side Of The World
 2.Are You Scared To Be Happy
 3.Familiar Goodbye Kiss
 4.One The Eve Of Greatness
 5.Blue Lagoon
 6.When The Stars Are Bright
 7.The Photo Session
 8.Alice In Wonderland
 9.So Said Kayo
10.The First Time
11.Goodbye To Jane

Songwriting and singing by Julian Henry
Produced and programmed by Raymond Watts

THE HIT PARADE 「The Sound Of The Hit Parade」

ヒット・パレード 「ザ・サウンド・オブ・ヒット・パレード」

 1.On The Road To Beaconsfield
 2.As I Lay Dying
 3.Grace Darling
 4.Hello Hannah Hello
 5.Walk Away Boy
 6.Farewell My Lido
 7.The Fool
 8.House Of Sarah
 9.She Won't Come Back
11.She's Lost Everything
12.So This Is London

Songs and Singing by Julian Henry
Produced and Programmed by Raymond Watts

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