HORACE ANDY 「Out Of The Vault」

ホレス・アンディ 「アウト・オブ・ザ・ヴォールト」

 I..What A Ploblen
 2.Want Your Love
 3.Rock Your Baby
 4.Holly Holly
 5.I Like It
 6.Fifty Four Fourty Six
 7.Slacky Tidy
 8.There's A Solution
 9.Happy Go Lucky Girl
10.Get Down
11.She Loves Me

Produced & Arranged by Horace Andy & Rhythm Queen

HORACE ANDY 「Living In The Flood」

HORACE ANDY 「Living In The Flood」

 1.After All
 2.Smiling Face
 4.My Lord
 5.Seven Seals
 6.Johnny Too Bad
 8.Right Time
 9.True Love
10.Living In The Flood
11.Girl of My Dreams
12.Some People
13.Don't Blame The Children

All tracks written by H.Hinds
1 written by H.Hinds/J.Burns
2 written by H.Hinds/C.Williams
5 written by H.Hinds/C.Hunt/M.Lee
6 written by H.Hinds/C.Hunt/M.Stone
7 written by Robert Der Naja
8 written by H.Hinds/C.Hunt
10 written by H.Hinds/J.Strummer/P.Cook

Produced and Arranged by Clive Hunt

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ