HUBERT LAWS 「The Rite Of Spring」

ヒューバート・ロウズ 「春の祭典」

 2.The Rite Of Spring
 4.Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, First Movement
 5.Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, Second Movement

Produced by Creed Taylor

HUBERT LAWS 「Storm Then The Calm」

HUBERT LAWS 「Storm Then The Calm」

 1.Seven Steps(Victor Feldman)
 2.My Ship(Ira Gershwin, Kurt Weill)
 3.Land Of Passion(Hubert Laws)
 4.Lida Rose(John Beasley)
 5.Dat Over Dare(O.Brown and Bobby Timmons)
 6.Life Cycles(Hubert Laws)
 7.Mean Lean(Hubert Laws)
 8.My Ship(Vocal)(Ira Gershwin, Kurt Weill)
 9.Morning Star(Rodgers Grant)

Produced by Hubert Laws

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