INDIGO GIRLS 「Swamp Ophelia」

インディゴ・ガールズ 「スワンプ・オフィーリア」

 1.Fugitive(Amy Ray)
 2.Least Complicated(Emily Saliers)
 3.Language Or The Kiss(Emily Saliers)
 4.Reunion(Amy Ray)
 5.Power Of Two(Emily Saliers)
 6.Touch Me Fall(Amy Ray)
 7.The Wood Song(Emily Saliers)
 8.Mystery(Emily Saliers)
 9.Dead Man's Hill(Amy Ray)
10.Fare Thee Well(Emily Saliers)
11.This Train Revised(Amy Ray)

Produced by Peter Collins with Indigo Girls

INDIGO GIRLS 「Shaming Of The Sun」

INDIGO GIRLS 「Shaming Of The Sun」

 1.Shame On You(Amy Ray)
 2.Get Out The Map(Emily Saliers)
 3.Shed Your Skin(Amy Ray)
 4.It's Alright(Emily Saliers)
 5.Cara Mia(Emily Saliers)
 6.Don't Give That Girl A Gun(Amy Ray)
 7.Leeds(Emily Saliers)
 8.Scooter Boys(Amy Ray)
 9.Everything In Its Own Time(Emily Saliers)
10.Cut It Out(Amy Ray)
11.Burn All The Letters(Emily Saliers)
12.Hey Kind Friend(Amy Ray)

Produced by Indigo Girls and David Leonard


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