FRED WESLEY AND THE J.B.'S 「Damn Right I Am Somebody」

フレッド・ウェズリー&ザ・JBズ 「ダム・ライト・アイ・アム・サムバディ」

 1.Damn Right I Am Somebody
2.Blow Your Head
3.I'm Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'
4.Same Beat, Pt.1
5.If You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up & Try It Again, Parrty
6.Make We What You Want Me To Be
7.Going To Get A Thrill
8.You Sure Love To Ball

THE J.B. HORNS 「Pee Wee, Fred & Maceo」

THE J.B. HORNS 「Pee Wee, Fred & Maceo」

 1.Sweet And Tangy
 3.Step On Your Watch Part U
 4.Mother's Kitchen
 5.Everywhere Is Out Of Town
 7.We're Rollin'
 8.Let's Play House
 9.Blues A La L.s.
10.Frontal System

Produced by Jim Payne

THE J.B. HORNS 「I Like It Like That」

J.B.ホーンズ 「アイ・ライク・イット・ライク・ザット」

 1.I Like It Like That
 2.Picture On A Wall
 4.Chillin' With Fred
 5.What Goes Around
 7.Bop U
 8.Evening In New York
 9.I Like It Like This
10.Blues Mission(Acoustic Version)<Bonus Track for Japan>
11.I Like It Like That(Club Mix)

Produced by Richard 'Curtis' Mazda

THE J.B.'S REUNION 「Bring The Funk On Down」

JBズ・リユニオン 「ブリング・ザ・ファンク・オン・ダウン」

 1.Do The Doo
 2.On The Spot
 3.Up On 45, Pt.1
 4.Carry On
 5.Bring The Funk On Down
 7.Why Did You Have To Go?
 8.What About The Music
 9.There's A Price To Pay To Live In Paradise
10.Tag Alone
11.Born To Groove
12.Who Do You Think You're Fooling?
13.Soul Men
14.Mistakes And All

FRED WESLEY 「New Friends」

FRED WESLEY 「New Friends」

 1.Rockin' In Rhythm(Carney/Mills/Ellington)
 2.Honey Love(McPhatter&Wexler)
 3.Bright Mississippi(T.Monk)
 4.Love We Had(Stays On My Mind)(Collier/Wade)
 5.For The Elders(Wesley)
 6.Plenty, Plenty Soul(Q.Jones)
 7.Blue Monk(T.Monk)
 8.Peace Fugue(Wesley)
 9.Eyes So Beautiful(E.Hope/T.Carroll)
10.Birk's Works(D.Gillespie)
11.D-Cup And Up(Wesley/L.Peterson)

Produced by Stephan Meyner and Fred Wesley

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ