JACKSON 5 「ABC」    ジャクソン・ファイヴ 「ABC」
 <530 946-2>    <POCT-1834>

 1.The Love You Save
 2.One More Chance
 5.(Come 'Round Here) I'm The Only One You Need
 6.Don't Know Why I Love You
 7.Never Had A Dream Come True
 8.True Love Can Be Beautiful
 9.La La (Means I Love You)
10.I'll Bet You
11.I Found That Girl
12.The Young Folks

1, 2, 3, 11 Produced & Arranged by The CorpotationTM: Berry Gordy Jr., Alphonso Mizell, Freddie Perren and Deke Richards
4, 5, 6, 9 10, 12 Produced by Hal Davis
7, 8 Produced by Bobby Taylor

JACKSON 5 「Third Album」

ジャクソン・ファイヴ 「アイル・ビー・ゼア」

 1.I'll Be There
 2.Ready Or Not(Here I Come)
 3.Oh How Happy
 4.Brigde Over Troubled Water
 5.Can I See Your In The Morning
 6.Goin' Back To Indiana
 7.How Funky Is Your Chickin
 8.Mama's Pearl
 9.Reach In
10.The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage
11.Darling Dear

Produced by The CorpotationTM(Berry Gordy Jr., Alphonso Mizell, Freddie Perren and Deke Richards) & Hal Davis

JACKSON 5 「The Ultimate Collection」

JACKSON 5 「The Ultimate Collection」

 1.I Want You Back
 3.The Love You Save
 4.I'll Be There
 5.It's Your Thing
 6.Who's Lovin' You
 7.Mama's Pearl
 8.Never Can Say Goodbye
 9.Maybe Tomorrow
10.Got To Be There - MICHAEL JACKSON
11.Sugar Daddy
12.Rockin' Robin - MICHAEL JACKSON
13.Daddy's Home - JERMAINE JACKSON
14.Lookin' Through The Windows
15.I Wanna Be Where You Are - MICHAEL JACKSON
16.Get It Together
17.Dancing Machine
18.The Life Of The Party
19.I Am Love, Pts.Ⅰ & Ⅱ
20.Just A Little Bit Of You - MICHAEL JACKSON
21.It's Your Thing(The J5 In '95 Extended Remix)

1, 2, 3, 7, 9, 11, 13 Produced & Arranged by Freddie Perren, Alphonso Mizell, Berry Gordy & Deke Richards
4, 8, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 Produced by Hal Davis
5, 6 Produced by Bobby Taylor
12, 19 Produced by Mel Larson & Jerry Marcellino
20 Produced by Brian Holland
21 Remixed Produced & Arranged by Monty Seward

THE JACKSONS 「Goin' Places」

ザ・ジャクソンズ 「ゴーイン・プレイシズ~青春のハイウェイ~」

 1.Music's Takin' Over
 2.Goin' Places
 3.Different Kind Of Lady
 4.Even Though You're Gone
 5.Jump For Joy
 6.Heaven Knows I Love You, Girl
 7.Man Of War
 8.Do What You Wanna
 9.Find Me A Girl

1 Produced by John Whitehead, Gene McFadden, V.Carstarphen
2, 4, 6, 7, 9 Produced by Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff
3, 8 Produced by Michael Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Rondy Jackson, Jackie Jackson
5 Produced by Dexter Wansel



 1.Blame It On The Boogie
 2.Push Me Away
 3.Things I Do For You
 4.Shake Your Body(Down To The Ground)
 6.Bless His Soul
 7.All Night Dancin'
 8.That's What You Get(For Being Polite)

Produced by The Jacksons



 1.Can You Feel It
 2.Lovely One
 3.Your Ways
 5.This Place Hotel(a/k/a Heartbreak Hotel)
 6.Time Waits For No One
 7.Walk Right Now
 8.Give It Up
 9.Wondering Who
10.This Place Hotel(a/k/a Heartbreak Hotel)(Single Version)<Bonus Track>
11.Walk Right Now(John Luongo Disco Mix)<Bonus Track>
12.Walk Right Now(John Luongo Instrumental Mix)<Bonus Track>

Produced & Written by The Jacksons


ザ・ジャクソンズ 「ザ・ベスト・ライヴ」

 1.Opening/Can You Feel It
 2.Things I Do For You
 3.Off The Wall
 5.This Place Hotel
 6.She's Out Of My Life/
 7.Movie And Rap, Including Excerpts Of: I Want You Back/Never Can Say Goodbye/Got To Be There
 8.Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save
 9.I'll Be There
10.Rock With You
11.Lovely One
12.Working Day And Night
13.Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
14.Shake Your Body(Down To The Ground)

Produced by The Jacksons

JERMAINE JACKSON 「Don't Take It Personal」

ジャーメイン・ジャクソン 「ドント・テイク・イット・パーソナル」

 1.Climb Out
 2.Don't Take It Personal
 3.Make It Easy On Love Duet with MIKI HOWARD
 4.So Right
 5.I'd Like To Get To Know You
 6.Two Ships(In The Night)
 7.Rise To The Occasion Duet with LA LA
 8.(C'mon) Feel The Need
 9.Next To You
10.Don't Make Me Wait

1 Produced by Kashif, Marti Sharron and Danny Sembello
2 Produced by David "PIC" Conley and David Townsend
3 Produced by Dennis Lambert
4, 9 Produced by Preston Glass
5 Produced by Kashif
6 Produced by David "PIC" Conley
7, 10 Produced by David Z with Ricky P
8 Produced by Lewis A. Martinee



 1.You Said, You Said
 2.Rebel(With A Cause)
 3.I Dream, I Dream(Prelude)
 4.I Dream, I Dream
 5.We're Making Whoopee
 6.Treat You Right feat. BABYFACE
 7.A Lovers Holiday
 9.True Lovers
10.Don't You Deserve Someone
11.Word To The Badd!!
12.You Said, You Said(Extended Remix)

Produced by The LaFace Family(L.A. Reid, Babyface, Daryl Simmons and Kayo)
12 Remixed by L.A. Reid and Dave Way

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