JAH CURE 「Freedom Blues」

JAH CURE 「Freedom Blues」

 1.Freedom Blues Radio - Protest
 2.Songs Of Freedom
 3.Sunny Day
 4.Jah Bless Me
 5.Good Morning Jah Jah
 6.King In The Jungle feat. SIZZLA
 7.Chant feat. SPECTACLE
 8.Troddin The Valley
 9.Love Is The Solution
10.Spread Jah Love
11.Guide Us Jah
13.Get Up Stand Up
14.Give It To Them
15.Dancehall Vibe
16.Move On
17.Hi Hi

1 Produced by Neil "Diamond" Edwards
2, 7, 13 Produced by Melbourne "George" Miller
3, 11, 12 Produced by Syl Gordon
4 Produced by Shadow Man
5 Produced by Devon Wheatley
6 Produced by Beres Hammond
8 Produced by Phillip "Fattis" Burrell
9 Produced by Morgan's Heritage
10 Produced by LK.Corniffe
14 Produced by Sprocket
15, 16 Produced by Colin " Iley Dread" Levy
17 Produced by Michael Sterling

JAH CURE 「True Reflections... A New Beginning」

 1.True Reflections
 2.Dem Nuh Build Great Man feat. FANTAN MOJAH
 3.Longing For
 4.To Your Arms Of Love
 5.What Will It Take
 6.Love You
 7.Same Way
 8.Searching For A Girl
10.Cease All War
11.Share The Love feat. GENTLEMAN
12.Love Is
13.The Sound
14.Conga Man
15.Most High Cup Full1.True Reflections

1 Produced by Andrew Prendergast, Joseph Bogdanovich, Duane Stephenson, Superintendent Gladstone Wright and Sonia Walker
2, 14 Produced by Andrew Prendergast and Joseph Bogdanovich
3, 12 Produced by Donovan "Vendetta" Bennett
4 Produced by Arif Cooper
5 Produced by Wayne Morris
6, 7 Produced by Chad "Goofy" aka "MR.G"
8 Produced by Michael "Mikey John" Johnson
9 Produced by Mitchum CHin, Dwayne Chin-Quee, Delmar Drummond, Dean Drummond and Edward Warren
10 Produced by Wee Pow
11 Produced by Ricky Genious and Ray Stephens
13 Produced by Dalmar Drummond
15 Produced by Maurice DeLauney

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