JAMIE CULLUM 「Twentysomething」

JAMIE CULLUM 「Twentysomething」 ジェイミー・カラム 「ジェイミー・カラム~スペシャル・エディション」

■ジェイミー・カラム 「ジェイミー・カラム~スペシャル・エディション」(UCCV-9131)
 1.These Are The Days(Ben Cullum)
 2.Twentysomething(Jamie Cullum)
 3.Wind Cries Mary(Jimi Hendrix)
 4.All At Sea(Jamie Cullum)
 5.Lover, You Should Have Come Over(Jeff Buckley)
 6.Singin' In The Rain(Arthur Food/Nacio Herb Brown)
 7.I Get A Kick Out Of You(Cole Porter)
 8.Blame It On My Youth(Oscar Levant/Edward Heyman)
 9.High And Dry(Radiohead)
10.It's About Time(Ben Cullum)
11.But For Now(Bob Dorough)
12.I Could Have Danced All Night(Alan Jay Lerner/Frederick Loewe)
13.Next Year Baby(Jamie Cullum)
14.What A Difference A Day Made(Stanley Adams/Maria Grever)
15.Frontin'(Pharrell Williams/Chad Hugo/Shawn Carter)

Produced by Stewart Levine

1.All AT Sea
2.These Are The Days

■JAMIE CULLUM 「Twentysomething」(9865574 0)■
 1.What A Difference A Day Made(Stanley Adams/Maria Grever)
 2.These Are The Days(Ben Cullum)
 3.Singin' In The Rain(Arthur Food/Nacio Herb Brown)
 4.Twentysomething(Jamie Cullum)
 5.But For Now(Bob Dorough)
 6.Old Devil Moon(Edgar 'Yip' Hardburg/Burton Lane)
 7.I Could Have Danced All Night
 8.Blame It On My Youth(Oscar Levant/Edward Heyman)
 9.I Get A Kick Out Of You(Cole Porter)
 10.All At Sea(Jamie Cullum)
11.Wind Cries Mary(Jimi Hendrix)
12.Lover, You Should Have Come Over(Jeff Buckley)
13..It's About Time(Ben Cullum)
14.Next Year Baby(Jamie Cullum)

Produced by Stewart Levine

JAMIE CULLUM 「Catching Tales」

JAMIE CULLUM 「Catching Tales」 ジェイミー・カラム 「キャッチング・テイルズ」

 1.Get Your Way(Allen Toussant/Jamie Cullum/Dan Nakamura)
 2.London Skies(Jamie Cullum/Guy Chambers)
 3.Photograph(Jamie Cullum)
 4.I Only Have Eyes For You(Al Dubin/Harry Warren)
 5.Nothing I Do(Jamie Cullum)
 6.Mind Trick(Jamie Cullum/Ben Cullum)
 7.21st Century Kid(Jamie Cullum)
 8.I'm Glad There Is You(Jimmy Dorsey/Paul Mertz)
 9.Oh God(Jamie Cullum/Guy Chambers)
10.Catch The Sun(Jim Goodwin/Jez Williams/Andy Williams)
11.7 Days To Change Your Life(Jamie Cullum)
12.Our Day Will Come(Mort Garson/Bob Hillard)
13.Back To The Ground(Jamie Cullum/Ed Harcourt)
14.My Yard(Jamie Cullum/Ben Cullum/Teron Beal)
15.Mind Trick(Remix)<Bonus Track for Japan>
16.Get Your Way(Dan The Automator Mix)<Bonus Track for Japan>
17.I'd Probably Do It Again(Jamie Cullum/Salaam Remi)<Bonus Track for Japan>
18.Trippin' Up(Jamie Cullum/Ben Cullum)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by Stewart Levine
except 1 Produced by Stewart Levine & Dan The Automator
15 Additional Production and Remix by Johnny Douglass
16 Produced by Dan The Automator
17 Produced by Ben Cullum

JAMIE CULLUM 「The Pursuit」

JAMIE CULLUM 「The Pursuit」

 1.Just One Of Those Things(Written by Cole Porter)
 2.I'm All Over It(Written by Jamie Cullum, Ricky Ross)
 3.Wheels(Written by Jamie Cullum, Ben Cullum)
 4.If I Ruled The World(Written by Leslie Bricusse and Cyril Ornadel)
 5.You And Me Are Gone(Written by Jamie Cullum, Geoff Gascoyne and Sebastian de Krom)
 6.Don't Stop The Music(Written by Tor Erki Hermansen, Mikkel Eriksen, Frankie Storn, Michael Jackson)
 7.Love Ain't Gonna Let You Down(Written by Jamie Cullum)
 8.Mixtape(Written by Jamie Cullum, Ben Cullum)
 9.I Think, I Love(Written by Jamie Cullum)
10.We Run Things(Written by Jamie Cullum, Ben Cullum, Kari Gordon)
11.Not While I'm Around(Written by Stephen Sondheim)
12.Music Is Through(Written by Jamie Cullum, Ben Cullum)

Produced by Greg Wells
except 6 Produced by Martin Terefe


JAMIE CULLUM 「Devil May Care!」

 1.Devil May Care(Harry Warren & Johnny Burke)
 2.I Can't Get Started(Vernon Duke & Ira Gershwin)
 3.God Only Knows(Brian Wilson & Tony Asher) - GEOFF GASCOYNE with JAMIE CULLUM
 4.Love Won't Let Me Wait(Bobby Eli & Vinnie Barrett) - GEOFF GASCOYNE with JAMIE CULLUM
 5.Lookin' Good(Dave Frishberg)
 6.Well You Needn't(Thelonious Monk)
 7.It Ain't Necessarily So(George & Ira Gershwin)
 8.Too Close For Comfort(Jerry Bock, Larry Holofcener & George David Weiss)
 9.Small Day Tomorrow(Fran Landesman & Bob Dorough) - BOB DOROUGH
10.In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning(David Mann & Bob Hillard)

Produced by Jamie Cullum & Geoff Gascoyne
Co-Produced by Derek Nash, Alan Bates & Marc Connor



 1.The Same Things(Jamie Cullum/Ben Cullum)
 2.Edge Of Something(Jamie Cullum/Steve Booker)
 3.Everything You Didn't Do(Jamie Cullum)
 4.When I Get Famous(Jamie Cullum)
 5.Love For $Ale(Cole Porter & Rodney Smith) feat. ROOTS MANUVA
 6.Pure Imagination(Anthony Newley)
 7.Anyway(Jamie Cullum, Darren Lewis, Lyiola Babalola, Richard Poindexter, Robert Poindexter & Jackie members Poindexter)
 8.Sad, Sad World(Jamie Cullum)
 9.Take Me Out(Of Myself)(Jamie Cullum)
10.Save Your Soul(Jamie Cullum & Ben Cullum)
11.Get A Hold Of Yourself(Jamie Cullum)
12.You're Not The Only One(Jamie Cullum & Ben Cullum)

1, 8, 9, 11 Produced by Jim Abbiss
2, 5, 10 Produced & Mixed by Dan The Automator
3, 6, 12 Produced & Mixed by Duncan Mills
4 Produced & Mixed by Benedik Lamdin
7 Produced & Recorded by Future Cut

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