2.The Man You Are In Me
 3.Sweet Sympathy
 4.Page 9
 6.Dance With Me
 7.Without You
 9.You’ve Got Me On A String
10.Applause Applause
11.Jesse (Live)<Bonus Cut>

All songs by Janis Ian
Produced by Brooks Arthur

JANIS IAN 「Between The Lines」

ジャニス・イアン 「愛の回想録」

 1.When The Party's Over
 2.At Seventeen
 3.From Me To You
 4.Bright Lights And Promises
 5.In The Winter
 6.Water Colors
 7.Between The Lines
 8.The Come On
 9.Light A Light
10.Tea & Sympathy
11.Lover's Lullaby

All Songs Written by Janis Ian
Produced by Brooks Arthur

JANIS IAN 「Miracle Row + Janis Ian」

JANIS IAN 「Miracle Row + Janis Ian」

<DICS 1: Miracle Row>
 1.Party Lights
 2.I Want To Make You Love Me
 3.Sunset Of Your Life
 4.Take To The Sky
 6.Let Me Be Lonely
 7.Slow Dance Romance
 8.Will You Dance?
 9.I'll Cry Tonight
10.Miracle Row
12.Will You Dance?(Live)

All songs written by Janis Ian
Produced by Ron Fragipane and Janis Ian

<DISC 2: Janis Ian>
 1.That Grand Illusion
 2.Some People
 3.Tonight Will Last Forever
 4.Hotels & One-Night Stands
 5.Do You Wanna Dance?
 6.Silly Habits
 7.The Bridge
 8.My Mama s House
 9.Streetlife Serenaders
10.I Need To Live Alone Again
11.Hopper Painting
12.Silly Habits(Live)

All songs written by Janis Ian
Produced by Joe Wissert

JANIS IAN 「Hunger」

ジャニス・イアン 「ハンガー」

 1.Black And White
 2.On The Dark Side Of Town
 3.Might As Well Be Monday
 4.Getting Over You
 5.Searching For America
 7.Welcome To Acousticville
 8.Honor Them All
10.House Without A Heart
12.Getting Over You(w/ Strings)

All songs written by Janis Ian
4 by Gary Burr/Janis Ian
9 by Janis Ian/Jim Varsos
Produced by Jeff Balding & Janis Ian
5 Produced by Ani Difranco
8 Produced by Jeff Balding

JANIS IAN 「Folk Is The New Black」

ジャニス・イアン 「フォーク・イズ・ザ・ニュー・ブラック」

 1.Danger Danger
 2.The Great Divide
 3.Life Is Never Wrong
 4.Jackie Skates
 5.All Those Promises
 6.Standing In The Shadows Of Love
 7.The Drowning Man
 8.Crocodile Song
 9.The Last Train
10.My Autobiography
11.In My Wilderness<Bonus Track for Japan>
12.Home Is The Heart
13.Shadows On The Wind
14.Haven't I Got Eyes
16.Folk Is The New Black

All songs written by Janis Ian
Produced by Janis Ian

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