JIM & JESSE 「In The Tradition」

ジム・アンド・ジェシー 「イン・ザ・トラディション」

 1.You Are The One(Pat Patterson)
 2.Did You Ever Go Sailing(A.Brumley)
 3.Tennessee Lonesome Blues(Jesse McRaynolds)
 4.Stony Mountain, W.Va.(Buck Owens)
 5.Hard Hearted(Jim and Jesse McRaynolds)
 6.I'm Gonna Love You One More Time(Ira and Charlie Louvin)
 7.Have You Lost Your Love For Me(Giddens)
 8.Pardon Me(Jim and Jesse McRaynolds)
 9.I'll Love Nobody But You(Jim and Jesse McRaynolds)
10.Dear Old Mother(Traditional)
11.All The World Is Lonely Now(Mel Force)
12.Chicken Reel(Traditional)
13.Gotta Travel On(Seeger, Gilbert, Hays, Clayton, Lazar, Enrich)
14.Bringing In The Georgia Mail(Fred Rose)

Produced by Jim & Jesse McRaynolds

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ