JIMMY CLIFF 「In Concert The Best Of Jimmy Cliff」

ジミー・クリフ 「ベスト・オブ・ライフ」

 1.You Can Get It If You Really Want It
 2.Viet Nam
 3.Fountain Of Life
 4.Many Rivers To Cross
 5.Wonderful World, Beautiful People
 6.Under The Sun, Moon And Stars
 7.Wild World
 8.Sitting In Limbo
 9.Struggling Man
10.The Harder They Come

All songs written by Jimmy Cliff
3 written by Jimmy Cliff/E.Walker
7 written by Cat Stevens
8 written by Jimmy Cliff/Guilly Bright
Produced by ANdrew Loog Oldham & Jimmy Cliff

JIMMY CLIFF 「Cliff Hanger」

JIMMY CLIFF 「Cliff Hanger」

 1.Hitting With Music(J.Cliff)
 2.American Sweet(A.Bayyan-Latoya)
 4.Brown Eyes(A.Bayyan-Latoya)
 5.Reggae Street(J.Cliff)
 6.Host Shot(J.Cliff)
 8.Dead And Awake(J.Cliff)
 9.Now And Forever(J.Cliff)
10.Nuclear War(J.Cliff)

1, 6, 7, 8 Produced by Jimmy Cliff and Amir Bayyan
2, 4 Produced by Amir Bayyan
3, 5, 9 Produced by Jimmy Cliff, Rick Lantosca and Paul Higgins
10 Produced by Jimmy Cliff

JIMMY CLIFF 「Hanging Fire」

JIMMY CLIFF 「Hanging Fire」

 1.Love Me, Love Me
 2.Hanging Fire
 3.Girls And Cars
 4.She Was So Right For Me
 5.It's Time
 6.Reggae Down Babylon
 7.Hold Tight(Eye For An Eye)
 8.Soar Like An Eagle

All songs written by Jimmy Cliff
Produced byKhalis Bayyan(Ronald Bell), I.B.M.C., and Jimmy Cliff

JIMMY CLIFF 「Thinking About The Earth」

ジミー・クリフ 「シンキング・アバウト・ジ・アース」

 1.Turning Point
 2.Rebel In Me
 3.First Love
 4.Everliving Love
 7.Image Of The Beast
 8.Save Our Planet Earth
 9.No Justice
10.Johnny Too Bad
11.Dance Reggae Dance
12.The Grass Is Greener
13.Lion Zion<Bonus Track>
14.True Story<Bonus Track>

All songs written by Jimmy Cliff
except 10

Produced by Jimmy Cliff & Ansel Collins
4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 Produced by Jimmy Cliff, Ansel Collins & Oneness Band

JIMMY CLIFF 「Journey Of A Lifetime」

JIMMY CLIFF 「Journey Of A Lifetime」

 1.Journey Intro
 2.Looking Forward
 3.Rubber Ball
 4.Burden Bearer
 5.Let It Go
 6.Higher And Deeper Love
 7.All For Love
 8.Super Bad
 9.Where Will U Be
11.Street Vibes
12.Democracy Don't Work
13.Learn To Love
15.Journey Of A Lifetime
16.Simple Truth

All Songs Written by Jimmy Cliff
except 16 Written by Squeegee
All Songs Produced by Jimmy Cliff
2, 4 Produced by Clive Hunt and Jimmy Cliff
7 Produced by Jimmy Cliff, Paul 'Computer Paul' Henton, and Clive Hunt
16 Produced by Florent Prabel

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