JODECI 「Forever My Lady」

JODECI(ジョデシィ) 「フォーエヴァー・マイ・レイディ」

 2.Come & Talk To Me
 3.Forever My Lady
 4.I'm Still Waiting
 5.U & I
 7.My Phone
 8.Gotta Love
 9.Play Thang
10.It's Alright
11.Treat U
12.Xs We Share

Produced by DeVante Swing and Al B. Sure!
except 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Produced by DeVante Swing

JODECI 「Diary Of A Mad Band」

JODECI 「ダイアリー・オブ・ア・マッド・バンド」

 1.My Heart Belongs To U
 2.Cry For You
 4.What About Us
 5.Ride & Slide
 8.You Got It
 9.Won't Waste You
10.In The Meanwhile
11.Gimme All You Got
13.Let's Go Through The Motions
14.Jodecidal Hotline

Produced by DeVante Swing
9, 11, 14, 15 Produced by Mr.Dalvin
13 Produced by DeVante Swing & Chad "Dr.Cuess" Elliott

JODECI 「The Show●The After-Party●The Hotel」

JODECI 「ザ・ショー●ジ・アフター・パーティー●ザ・ホテル」

 1.The Show
 2.Bring On Da' Funk(Mr.Dalvin, K-Ci, DeVante & Tim Mosely)
 3.Room 723
 4.Fun 2 Nite(Mr.Dalvin & K-Ci)
 5.Room 577
 6.S-More(Mr.Dalvin, K-Ci, Devante & Missy Elliot)
 7.The After-Party
 8.Get On Up(Mr.Dalvin, K-Ci & JoJo)
 9.Room 499
10.Can We Flo?(Devante)
12.Let's Do It All(Devante)
13.P.I.B. 4 Play
14.Pump It Back(Devante)
15.D.J. Don Jeremy
16.Freek'n You(Devante)
17.Room 454: DeVante's "Inhermission"
18.Time & Place(Devante & Tim Mosely)
20.Love U 4 Life(Devante)
22.Good Luv(Devante)
23.Freek'n You(Funky Freeky Mix)(Devante) 日本盤のみボーナス・トラック

Produced and Arranged by De Vante
except 4, ,6, 8 Produced and Arranged by Mr.Dalvin

K-CI & JOJO 「Love Always」

K-CI & JOJO 「ラヴ・オールウェイズ」

 2.Last Night's Letter
 3.Baby Come Back
 4.Just For Your Love
 5.Now And Forever
 6.Don't Rush(Take Love Slowly)
 7.You Bring Me Up
 8.Still Waiting
 9.Love Ballad
10.How Many Times(Will You Let Him Break Your...)
11.All My Life
12.How Could You
13.You Bring Me Up(Ignorants Bootleg Pt.1 Stripped Down)<Bonus Track for Japan>

1 Produced by JoJo Hailey and Mike Smoov
2 Produced by Laney Stewart
3 Produced by Derrick Garrett and Jeff Redd
4 Produced by Genard(GetnPayd) Parker
5 Produced by Bradley and Emanuel Officer
6, 11 Produced by Rory Bennett and JoJo Hailey
7 Produced by Gerald Baillergeau and Victor Merritt
8 Produced by DeVante
9 Produced by Mtume
10 Produced by Jorge "G.Man" Corante & Emanuel Officer
12 Produced by John-John

K-CI & JOJO 「]」

K-CI & JOJO 「]」

 1.Honest Lover
 2.Wanna Do You Right
 3.Get Back
 5.Game Face
 6.Thug N U Thug N Me
 7.If It's Going To Work
 8.All The Things I Should Have Known
 9.I Can't Find The Words
10.Something Inside Of Me
11.One Last Time
13.Ooh Yeah

1, 12 Produced by Rony Bennett and Jojo Hailey
2 Produced by Teddy Riley and Roy Hamilton
3 Produced by DeVante
4 Produced by Darrell Delite
5 Produced by Timbaland
6 Produced by Johnny "J"
7 Produced by Deacon
8 Produced by Babyface
9 Produced by Emanuel Officer & Ralph Stacy
10 Produced by Rose Griffin
11 Produced by Christopher Troy
12 Produced by Mike Smoov and Jojo Hailey

K-CI & JOJO 「Emotional」

K-Ci&JoJo 「エモーショナル」

 2.This Very Moment
 4.It's Me
 5.I Don't Want
 6.Say Yes
 7.Down For Life
 9.So Emotional
10.Love Me Carefully
11.I Don't Mind
12.How Can I Trust You?
13.How Long
14.Baby Yeah Yeah(Movin' It) feat. MR.CHEEKS<Bonus Track for Japan>
15.I Can't Get Enough<Bonus Track for Japan>

1 Produced by Mike Bell
2 Produced by DeYon Dobson and Tim Owens
3, 9 Produced by Blacq Roese
4 Produced by Rodney Jerkins and Lashawn Daniels
5, 14 Produced by Mike Smoove
6, 11 Produced by Mike Smoov and Craig Xavier Brockman
7 Produced by babyface
8, 13 Produced by Emanuel Officer
10 Produced by The Underdogs(Damon Thomas and Harvey Mason, Jr.)
12 Produced by Delite
15 Produced by DeYon Dobson, Tim Owens and Jeffrey Freeman

K-CI 「My Book」

K-CI  「My Book」

 1.My Book(Prelude)
 2.My Book
 3.It's All Love feat. KANSASCALI
 4.Conversation(Can I Talk 2 U)
 5.Thug By Heart feat. LAYZIE BONE
 6.Ghetto Woman
 7.Woman Gotta Have It
 8.I Apologize
 9.Much To Soon feat. AL B. SHURE & AARON HALL
10.What Else Can I Do?
12.Baby I'm Back
14.Cheatin' On Us
16.Care For U

2, 4, 5, 11, 12, 16 Produced by Mike Smoov
3, 13 Produced by A. "Pittboss" Johnson Jr.
6 Produced by Monte Neuble
7 Produced by Marc MDoc Williams, Tim Jackson
8 Produced by Lemoyne L.A. Alexander
9 Produced by Al B Sure!
10 Produced by Marc MDoc Williams and Erik Griggs
14 Produced & Arranged by Marcello Nine A.K.A. "The Truth"
15 Produced & Arranged by Edwin Ramos

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