ORLEANS 「Dance With Me」

オーリアンズ 「ダンス・ウィズ・ミー」

 1.Let's Have A Good Time(J. & J. Hall)
 2.Dance With Me(J. & J. Hall)
 3.Wake Up(J. & J. Hall)
 4.Let There Be Music(L.Hoppen - J.Hall)
 5.The Last Song(J. & J. Hall)
 6.Sweet Johanna(J. & J. Hall)
 8.Money(Larry Hoppen)
 9.The Breakdown(R.Thomas-M.Rice-E.Floyd)

Produced by John & Johanna Hall, Larry & Lance Hoppen & Welss Kelly

ORLEANS 「Waking And Dreaming」

ORLEANS 「Waking And Dreaming」

 2.What I Need
 3.If I Don't Have You
 4.Waking And Dreaming
 6.Still The One
 7.The Bum
 8.Golden State
 9.The Path
10.Spring Fever

All songs written by John Hall & Johanna Hall
7 written by Wells Kelly
10 written by M.Mason-L.Hoppen
Produced by Chuck Plotkin

ORLEANS 「Analog Men」

オーリアンズ 「アイデア・オブ・ラヴ」

 1.My Idea Of Love(John Hall, Bob Leinbach & Larry Hoppen)
 2.Love's Not Just For Other People(Larry Hoppen, John Hall & Bob Leinbach)
 3.Fat City(John Hall, Bob Leinbach, Larry Hoppen & Lance Hoppen)
 4.Love 2 Watch(John Hall, Larry Hoppen, Lance Hoppen & Bob Leinbach)
 5.Serenity(Bob Leinbach & John Hall)
 6.Heaven(John Hall, Bob Leinbach, Larry Hoppen & Lance Hoppen)
 7.Analog Man(John & Johanna Hall)
 8.Dance With Me(John & Johanna Hall)
 9.Back To Your Arms(Bob Leinbach & Tod Wise)
10.One Way Or Another(John Hall, Bob Leinbach, Larry Hoppen & Lance Hoppen)
11.Keep On Changin'(Bob Leinbach, John Hall & Larry Hoppen)

Produced by John Hall & Larry Hoppen


オーリアンズ 「ライド」

 1.If We Never Met Again(Jules Shear)
 2.I'm On Your Side(John Hall, Johanna Hall and Jonell Mosser)
 3.Heaven(Bob Leinbach, John Hall, Larry Hoppen, Lance Hoppen)
 4.One Tribe(John Hall, Johanna Hall and Jonell Mosser)
 5.The Great Divide(Larry Hoppen and John Hall)
 6.Ride(John and Johanna Hall)
 7.In My Dream(Lance Hoppen and Larry Knechtel)
 8.Yestertime(Larry Hoppen)
 9.Earth Out Tonight(John and Johanna Hall)
10.Plastic Money(John Hall)
11.Looking For The Light(Larry Hoppen)
12.Loves Not Just For Other People(Larry Hoppen, John Hall and Bob Leinbach)
13.Analog Man(John and Johanna Hall)
14.Sails(John and Johanna Hall)<Bonus Track for Japan>
15.Get A Life(Larry Hoppen, John Hall and Bob Leinbach)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by John Hall, Larry Hoppen and Lance Hoppen

JOHN HALL 「On A Distant Star」

ジョン・ホール 「オン・ア・ディスタント・スター」

 1.It's My World
 2.Plastic Money
 3.Children's Cry
 5.Be Wild
 7.New Age Baby
 8.We Will Not Forget
9.Four Bombs A Day
10.Welcome Home
11.Who Gave You The Right
12.Winds Of Chnage
13.Blue Square

produced by John Hall

JOHN HALL 「Love Doesn't Ask」

ジョン・ホール 「ラヴ・ダズント・アスク」

 1.Love Don't Ask(John Hall/Tad Wise)
 2.Usurper(John Hall/Tad Wise)
 3.Only Got Today(John Hall)
 4.Calcutta(Tad Wise)
 5.Home(John & Johanna Hall/D.Schlitz)
 6.Circle(John & Johanna Hall/J.Mosser)
 7.Don't Go There(John Hall/Tad Richards)
 8.I'll Do My Days(Tad Wise)
 9.Litany(John Hall)
10.Moving Target(John & Johanna Hall/J.Mosser)
11.Can't Take It With You(John Hall)
12.Quiet Place(John & Johanna Hall/J.Mosser)
13.October Child(John Hall)
14.Don't Look Now(John Hall)<Bonus Track For Japan>
15.Morning Light)(John & Johanna Hall/J.Mosser)<Bonus Track For Japan>

Produced by John Hall

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