JOHN McCUSKER 「Yella Hoose」

ジョン・マッカスカー 「イエロー・ハウス」

 1.Boys Of The Puddle/The Scullion's Wife
 2.Ann Maguire's Silver Wedding/The 30 Year Jig
 3.The Guid Man/Xesus & Felicia
 4.Wee Michael's March/Joe's Tuxedo/Pacific Avenue
 5.The Shetland Molecule/For All The Cows
 6.Blue Bonnets Over The Border/Khazi
 7.Al's Big Day
 8.Sailing Through The Narrows/Kev's Trip To Brittany/Pur The Orangutan
 9.Night Visiting Song feat. KATE RUSBY
10.Emma & Jamie's Wedding
11.Carrickmacross/Yella Hoose/Trip To The Phone

All tunes composed John McCusker
2(The 30 Year Jig) by Roger Tallroth
1(The Scullion's Wife), 6(Blue Bonnets Over The Border) by Trad, Arr.John McCusker
9 Music by John McCusker/Words by Trad/Kate Rusby
Produced by John McCusker

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