JOHNNY CONQUEST 「Everybody's Happy」

ジョニー・コンクエスト 「エブリバディーズ・ハッピー」

 1.Gaps In The Ground feat. WILL MATTHEWS
 2.Another Animal
 4.Stung Out Like An Angel feat. ALLSON CLARK
 5.Mama Never Said It'd Be Easy
 6.Dark Lady Of D.N.A.(Pt1&2)
 7.You Made Me What I Am Today
 8.You Made Me What I Am Today(Oulgee Mix)
 9.Everybody's Happy
10.Mama Never Said(Instrumental Mix)<Exclusive Bonus Track Japan>
11.One Inch Punch

All tracks written by Green/Horsham/Taylor
2, 9 Green/Horsham/Taylor/Wrightson
All tracks produced and mixed by Johnny Conquest

オンライン中古CDショップ サンマルチノへ