JUDY MOWATT 「Mellow Mood」

ジュディ・モワット 「メロー・ムード」

 1.Mellow Mood
 2.Love Seed
 3.I'm Alone
 4.What An Experience
 5.Mr.Big Man
 6.Pour Sugar On Me
 7.You Were Too Good For Me
 8.First Cut
 9.Just A Stranger Here
10.Rasta Woman Chanto
11.My My People
12.Never Let Me Go

All songs by Judy Mowatt
except 1 by Bob Marley
Produced by Judy Mowatt

JUDY MOWATT 「Only A Woman」

JUDY MOWATT 「Only A Woman」

 1.You're My People
 2.Only A Woman
 3.Trade Winds
 5.Got To Leave The West
 6.I Am Not Mechanical
 7.On Your Mark
 8.Big Woman
 9.You Don't Care
10.King Of Kings

All Selections Written by Judy Mowatt
3 Written by R.McDonald/W.Salter
8 Written by B.B. Seaton
9 Written by C.Mayfield

Produced by Judy Mowatt

JUDY MOWATT 「Working Wonders」

JUDY MOWATT 「Working Wonders」

 1.Black Man, Brown Man(Taj Mahal)
 2.Working Wonders(Nick Mundy, Patricia Butler)
 3.Lovemaking(Nick Mundy, Patricia Butler)
 4.Let's Dance(Sangie Davis)
 5.So Many Eyes(Anthony Wilmot)
 6.Mother Africa(Judy Mowatt)
 7.Ethiopia Salaam(Judy Mowatt)
 8.Hush Baby Mother(Judy Mowatt, H.Besasse, M.Sinlair)
 9.Traveling Woman(Slim Smith)
10.King's Highway(Judy Mowatt)

1, 2, 3 Produced by Skip Drinkwater
4 Produced by Judy Mowatt, Skip Drinkiwater & Sangie Davis
9, 10 Produced by Judy Mowatt
5, 7 Produced by Judy Mowatt and Skip Drinkwater
6, 8 Produced by Judy Mowatt, H.Bedasse & Daltom Brownie

JUDY MOWATT 「Love Is Overdue」

JUDY MOWATT 「Love Is Overdue」

 1.Sing Your Own Song(UB40)
 2.Love Is Overdue(E.L.Richards)
 3.Try A Little Tenderness(Campbell, Woods, Connelly)
 4.Long Long Time(E.L.Richards)
 5.Rock Me(T.Downie, J.Mowatt)
 6.Get Up Chant(P.Dave Richards)
 7.Screwface(Bob Marley)
 8.Hold Dem Jah(T.Downie, Pam Hall, E.Wilson)
 9.One More Minute(Judy Mowatt)
10.Who Is He(Judy Mowatt)

Produced by Judy Mowatt
except 2, 3, 4 Produced by Dexter Wansel

JUDY MOWATT 「Look At Love」

JUDY MOWATT 「Look At Love」

 1.Fly African Eagle(O.Mokwena/T.A.Fako; Additional Lyrics: R.Grass)
 5.Candle In The Window(M.Bennett/H.Lindo)
 6.Jah Live(B.Marley)
 7.Tomorrow Nation(O.Mokwena/T.A.Fako)
 8.Skin Of My Skin(J.Mowatt)
 9.Look At Love(O.Ellis)
10.Lioness In The Jungle(O.Ellis/J.Mowatt)
11.Day By Day(D.Browne/J.Mowatt)
12.Warrior Queen(V.Edgehill/M.Bennett)
13.Never Get Weary(Traditonal; Additional Lyrics: O.Ellis)

Produced by Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Michael "Home T" Bennett



 1.Simmer Down(B.Marley)
 2.Rock Me(J.Mowatt)
 3.Guava Jelly(B.Marley)
 4.Zion Chant(F.McGregor)
 6.Lean On Me(B.Withers) with JACK RADICS
 8.Mad Mad World(J.Black)
 9.I Shall Be Released(B.Sylan)
10.House On Fire(Y.McGregor)
11.Victory Is Near(O.Ellis)
12.God Bless The Children(J.Holliday)
13.Life(Hard Bass Mix)(O.Ellis/O.Bell)

Produced by Judy Mowatt, Clive Hunt and Owen Rennalls
1, 5, 11, 12 Produced by Clive Hunt
6 Produced by Jah Screw and Owen Rennalls


ジュディ・モワット 「ヒストリー」

 1.Guava Jelly(J.Mowatt)
 2.King's Highway(J.Mowatt)
 3.Stop In The Name Of Love(Holland/Dozier/Holland)
 4.Black Woman(J.Mowatt)
 5.Slave Queen(J.Mowatt)
 6.Many Are Called(J.Mowatt)
 8.Working Wonders(Nick Mundy, Patricia Butler)
 9.Hold Dem Jah(T.Downie, Pam Hall, E.Wilson)
10.King Of Kings(J.Mowatt)
12. Skin Of My Skin(J.Mowatt)

1, 3, Produced by J.Mowatt/Owen Rennalls
2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 Produced by J.Mowatt
8 Produced by Skip Drinkwater
11, 12, Produced by Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Michael "Home T" Bennett


ジュディ・モワット 「ラヴ」

 1.Show Love(Z.Fox/J.Mowatt)
 2.Standing In The Gap(B.Mason) with FAHRENHEIT
 3.Turn! Turn! Turn(Adapted)
 4.(Want To Be More Than() Ordinary Servant(M.G.Peters/Andrew G.)
 5.Oh Happy Day(E.Hawkins)
 6.Lamb Of God(T/Paris)
 7.The Gardener(Banks/Crutcher/jackson)
 8.Thank You Lord(B.Marley)
 9.I Want To Thank You(K.McCord/Y.McFregor) with YESHEMABESH
10.Ohh Child(S.Vincent/Y.McGregor)(Reggae Mix) with YESHEMABESH
11.Standing In The Gap(Remix) with FAHRENHEIT <BONUS TRACK>
12.I Want To Thank You with PAPA SAN <BONUS TRACK>
14.Turn! Turn! Turn(Original Mix) <BONUS TRACK>

Produced by Claude Evans
except 1, 2, 6 Produced by Claude Evans & Benjy Myaz

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