KARAN CASEY 「Songlines」

カラン・カーシィ 「ソングラインズ」

 1.Roger The Miller(Trad. arr. J.Doyle, K.Casey, S.Egan)
 2.She Is Like The Swallow(Trad. arr. S.Egan, K.Casey, J.Doyle, K.Casey, M.Aharon)
 3.Ballad Of Accounting(Ewan McColl)
 4.Shamrock Shore(Trad. arr. M.Aharon, S.Egan, K.Casey)
 5.Martinmas Time(Trad. arr. J.Doyle, K.Casey, S.Egan)
 6.An Buachaillin Ban(Trad. arr. K.Casey)
 7.The Creggan White Hare(Trad. arr. J.Doyle, K.Casey, S.Egan)
 8.The Song Of Wandering Aengus(Trad. arr. K.Casey, J.Doyle, W.Horan, S.Egan, M.Aharon)
 9.One, I Love(Jaen Ritchie)
10.The World Turned Upside Down(The Diggers' Song)(Leon Rosselson)
11.The Labouring Man's Daughter(Trad. arr. K.Casey)

Produced by Seamus Egan

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