KARLA BONOFF 「Karla Bonoff」

KARLA BONOFF 「Karla Bonoff」

 1.Someone To Lay Down Beside Me(K.Bonoff)
 2.I Can't Hold On(K.Bonoff)
 3.Lose Again(K.Bonoff)
 5.Faces In The Wind(C.Safan)
 6.Isn't It Always Love(K.Bonoff)
 7.If He's Ever Near(K.Bonoff)
 8.Flying High(S.Ferguson)
 9.Falling Star(K.Bonoff)
10.Rose In My Garden(K.Bonoff)

Produced by Kenny Edwards

KARLA BONOFF 「Restless Nights」

カーラ・ボノフ 「ささやく夜」

 1.Trouble Again(Karla Bonoff & Kenny Edwards)
 2.Restless Nights(Karla Bonoff)
 3.The Letter(Karla Bonoff)
 4.When You Walk In The Room(Jackie De Shannon)
 5.Only a Fool(Karla Bonoff)
 6.Baby Don't Go(Karla Bonoff & Kenny Edwards)
 7.Never Stop Her Heart(Karla Bonoff)
 8.Loving You(Karla Bonoff)
 9.The Water Is Wide(Traditional/Arranged & Adapted Frank Hamilton, Pete Seeger & Karla Bonoff)

Produced by Kenny Edwards

KARLA BONOFF 「Wild Heart Of The Young」

カーラ・ボノフ 「麗しの女−香りはバイオレット」

 1.Personally(Paul Kelly)
 2.Please Be The One(Karla Bonoff)
 3.I Don't Want To Miss You(Karla Bonoff)
 4.Even If(Karla Bonoff)
 5.Just Walk Away(Karla Bonoff)
 6.Gonna Be Mine(Karla Bonoff & Kenny Edwards
 7.Wild Heart Of The Young(Karla Bonoff)
 8.It Just Takes One(Karla Bonoff)
 9.Dream(Karla Bonoff)

Produced by Kenny Edwards


カーラ・ボノフ 「ニュー・ワールド」

 1.How Long(A.Williams-D.Williams)
 2.New World(K.Bonoff)
 3.Tell Me Why(K.Bonoff)
 4.All My Life(K.Bonoff)
 5.Goodbye My Friend(K.Bonoff)
 6.Way Of The Heart(K.Bonoff)
 7.Best Part Of You(K.Bonoff)
 8.Oh Mary(K.Bonoff)
 9.All Walk Alone(K.Bonoff-M.Ruff)

Produced by Mark Goldenberg

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