KASHIEF LINDO 「Trouble Free」

カシーフ・リンド 「トラブル・フリー」

 1.Live It Up Massive(H.Lindo/W.Lindo)
 2.Love On A Two Way Street(Copyright Control)
 3.Hard Hard Times(W.Lindo)
 4.Oh Lord Why Lord(Phil Trim)
 5.First Cut(CatStevens)
 6.Newly Found Love(K.Lindo/W.Lindo)
 7.You Gotta Live(W.Lindo)
 8.Baby Why(Cables)
9.Many Rivers To Cross(J.Cliff)
10.Go Reggae Reggae(W.Lindo)
11.Trouble Free(K.Lindo/W.Lindo)
12.Do You Love Me(K.Lindo/W.Lindo)
13.Because I Love You(Warren, Allen, Brooks)
14.Another Reggae Party(W.Lindo)

Produced by Willie Lindo

KASHIEF LINDO 「Soul & Inspiration」

カシーフ・リンド 「ソウル&インスピレーション」

 1.Soul & Inspiration(B.Mann, C.Weil)
 2.If You Like It(W.Lindo, A.Campbell)
 3.Hello Father(W.Lindo, K.Lindo)
 4.Teenager In Love(D.Pomus/M.Shumann)
 5.(Jamaica) Island Of Freedom(W.Lindo)
 6.Riboon In The Sky(Stevie Wonder)
 7.Love Will Be(W.Lindo, K.Lindo)
 8.The World Needs Prayer(W.Lindo)
 9.Sunshine Of My Life(Stevie Wonder)
10.Baby Be True(L.Stibbles)
11.Call Me(E.Bivins)
12.I Still Believe In You
13.Love Is The Call(W.Lindo)
14.Everything You Do(W.Lindo, K.Lindo)
15.The World Is Hurtin(W.Lindo, K.Lindo)
16.I Want Me Somebody(W.Lindo, K.Lindo)
17.Money In My Pocket

Produced by Willie Lindo


 カシーフ・リンド 「ウィー・ニード・ラヴ」    KASHIEF LINDO 「We Need Love」
 <OVE-0070>    <VPCD 1566>

 2.Give Me Strength
 3.Gold Trap
 4.While We're Apart
 5.No Single Life
 6.I Wouldn't Lie
 7.Love Is All It Takes - Interlude
 8.We Need Love
10.Sing On
12.How Can I
14.Long Night
15.I Wanna Be Loved
16.Unity - Interlude
17.All About Unity
18.A Love Like Yours
19.Let Me Give You Love

Produced by Willie Liundo

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