KATE BUSH 「The Kick Inside」

ケイト・ブッシュ 「天使と小悪魔」 ケイト・ブッシュ 「天使と小悪魔」

 2.The Saxophone Song
 3.Strange Phenomena
 5.The Man With The Child In His Eyes
 6.Wuthering Heights
 7.James And The Cold Gun
 8.Feel It
 9.Oh To Be In Love
10.L'Amour Looks Something Like You
11.Them Heavy People
12.Room For The Life
13.The Kick Inside

All songs written by Kate Bush
Produced by Andrew Powell

KATE BUSH 「Lionheart」

ケイト・ブッシュ 「ライオン・ハート」

 1.Symphony In Blue
 2.In Search Of Peter Pan
 4.Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake
 5.Oh England My Lionheart
 6.Full House
 7.In The Warm Room
 8.Kashka From Baghdad
 9.Coffee Homeground
10.Hammer Horror

All songs written by Kate Bush
Produced and arranged by Andrew Powell

KATE BUSH 「The Dreaming」

KATE BUSH 「The Dreaming」

 1.Sat In Your Lap
 2.There Goes A Tenner
 3.Pull Out The Pin
 4.Suspended In Gaffa
 5.Leave It Open
 6.The Dreaming
 7.Night Of The Swallow
 8.All The Love
10.Get Out Of My House

Produced by Kate Bush

KATE BUSH 「The Sensual World」

ケイト・ブッシュ 「センシュアル・ワールド」

 1.The Sensual World
 2.Love And Anger
 4.Reaching Out
 5.Heads We're Dancing
 6.Deeper Understanding
 7.Between A Man And A Woman
 8.Never Be Mine
 9.Rocket's Tail
10.This Woman's Work
11.Walk Straight Down The Middle

All Titles Written by Kate Bush
Produced by Kate Bush

KATE BUSH 「The Red Shoes」

ケイト・ブッシュ 「レッド・シューズ」

 1.Rubberband Girl
 2.And So Is Love
 3.Eat The Music
 4.Moments Of Pleasure
 5.Song Of Solomon
 7.Red Shoes
 8.Top Of The City
 9.Constellation Of The Heart
10.Big Stripey Lie
11.Why Should I Love You?
12.You're The One

Written & Produced by Kate Bush
Recorded & Mixed by Del Parmer

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