KEB' MO' 「Keb' Mo'」

KEB' MO' 「Keb' Mo'」

 1.Every Morning(K.Moore)
 2.Tell Everybody I Know(K.Moore)
 3.Love Blues(K.Moore-E.Powell)
 4.Victims Of Comfort(T.Kimber-K.Moore)
 6.Anybody Seen My Girl(K.Moore)
 7.She Just Wants To Dance(G.Graper-K.Moore)
 8.Am I Wrong(K.Moore)
 9.Come On In My Kitchen(R.Johnson)
10.Dirty, Low Down and Bad(K.Moore)
11.Don't Try To Explain(K.Moore)
12.Kindhearted Woman Blues(R.Johnson)
13.City Boy(K.Moore)

Produced by John Porter

KEB' MO' 「Just Like You」

ケヴ・モ 「ジャスト・ライク・ユー」

 1.That's Not Love(K.Moore-G.Graper)
 2.Perpetual Blues Machine(K.Moore-G.Graper)
 3.More Than One Way Home(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
 4.I'm On Your Side(K.Moore)
 5.Just Like You(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
 6.You Can Love Yourself(K.Moore)
 7.Dangerous Mood(K.Moore-C.Parton)
 8.The Action(K.Moore)
 9.Hand It Over(K.Moore)
10.Standin' At The Station(K.Moore-P.Ramocon)
11.Momma, Where's My Daddy(K.Moore-L.Barth)
12.Last Fair Deal Gone Down(R.Johnson)
13.Lullaby Baby Blues(K.Moore-G.Graper)
14.Take It Away(K.Moore-C.Parton)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by John Porter

KEB' MO' 「Slow Down」

ケヴ・モ 「スロー・ダウン」

 1.Muddy Water(K.Moore-G.Graper)
 2.I Was Wrong(K.Moore-A.Osborne)
 3.Everything I Need(K.Moore-C.Streetman)
 5.Soon As I Get Paid(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
 6.A Better Man(K.Moore-A.Osborne)
 7.I Don't Know(K.Moore-G.Graper)
 8.A Letter To Tracy(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
 9.Slow Down(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
11.Love In Vain(R.Johnson)
12.God Trying To Get Your Attention(K.Moore-C.Linden)
13.I'm Telling You Now(K.Moore-B.Fisher)
14.Over And Over<Bonus Track for Japan>
15.Just Like You(Live)<Bonus Track for Japan>

Produced by Keb' Mo' and John Lewis Parker

KEB' MO' 「The Door」

ケヴ・モ 「ザ・ドアー」

 1.The Door(K.Moore-L.Ware)
 2.Loola Loo(K.Moore-B.McFerrin)
 3.It Hurts Me Too(E.James-M.Sehorn)
 4.Come On Back(K.Moore)
 5.Stand Up(And Be Strong)(K.Moore-C.Gibb)
 7.Don't You Know(K.Moore)
 8.It's All Coming Back(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
 9.Gimme What You Got(K.Moore-K.McComick)
10.Mommy Can I Come Home(K.Moore-M.Manchester)
12.The Beginning(K.Moore-B.McFerrin)

Produced by Russ Titleman and Keb' Mo'

KEB' MO' 「Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues "Keb' Mo'"」

ケブ・モ 「マーティン・スコセッシのブルース」

 1.Soon As I Get Paid(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
 2.Come On In My Kitchen(R.Johnson)
 3.Perpetual Blues Machine(K.Moore-G.Graper)
 4.Don't Try To Explain(K.Moore)
 5.I'm On Your Side(K.Moore)
 7.Am I Wrong(K.Moore)
 8.A Letter To Tracy(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
 9.Love In Vain(R.Johnson)
10.Dirty Low Down And Bad(K.Moore)
11.Every Morning(K.Moore)
12.Dangerous Mood(K.Moore-C.Parton)
13.It Hurts Me Too(E.James-M.Sehorn)
14.Crapped Out Again(K.Moore-J.L.Parker)
15.Love Blues(K.Moore-E.Powell)
16.Peace Of Mind(K.Moore-M.King)

1, 6, 8, 9 Produced by Keb' Mo' and John Lewis Parker
2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 Produced by John Porter
13 Produced by Russ Titelman and Keb' Mo'
16 Produced by Keb' Mo'

KEB' MO' 「Keep It Simple」

KEB' MO' 「Keep It Simple」

 1.France(Keb' Mo')
 2.Let Your Light Shine(Keb' Mo'-Jenny Yates)
 3.One Friend(Keb' Mo'-Zuriani)
 4.Shave Yo' Legs(Keb' Mo'-Jeff Paris)
 5.Prosperity Blues(Keb' Mo'-Eric Lynn)
 6.Closer(Keb' Mo'-La Rombe)
 7.Keep It Simple(Keb' Mo'-Kevin McCormick)
 8.Riley B.King(Robben Ford-Keb' Mo')
 9.House In California(Keb' Mo'-Gary Nicholson)
10.Walk Back In(Keb' Mo'-Bill Medley)
11.I'm Amazing(Keb' Mo'-Robbie Brooks)
12.Proving You Wrong(Keb' Mo'-Darrell Scott)

Produced by Keb' Mo'

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