THE KNACK 「Get The Knack」

THE KNACK 「Get The Knack」

 1.Let Me Out(D.Fieger-B.Averre)
 2.Your Number Or Your Name(D.Fieger-B.Averre)
 3.Oh Tara(Doug Fieger)
 4.(She's So) Selfish(D.Fieger-B.Averre)
 5.Maybe Tonight(Doug Fieger)
 6.Good Girls Don't(Doug Fieger)
 7.My Sharona(D.Fieger-B.Averre)
 9.Siamese Twins(The Monkey And Me)(D.Fieger-B.Averre)
11.That's What The Little Girls Do(Doug Fieger)

THE KNACK 「Serious Fun」

ザ・ナック 「シリアス・ファン」

 1.Rocket O' Love
 2.I Want Love
 3.Serious Fun
 4.One Day At A Time
 5.River Of Sighs
 6.Let's Get Lost
 7.Can Trickle
 9.Won't Let Go/Aces & Eights
10.Body Talk
11.(I'll Be Your)Mau Mau
12.Doin' The Dog

All songs written by Doug Fieger & Berton Averre
2 written by Fieger/Averre/Torpey
10 written by Fieger/Averre/Niles/Torpey
Produced by Don Was

THE KNACK 「Retrospective」

ザ・ナック 「ベスト・オブ・ザ・ナック」

 1.My Sharona(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
 2.Your Number Or Your Name(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
 3.One Day At A Time(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
 4.The Hard Way(Ray Davies)
 5.Good Girls Don't(Doug Fieger)
 6.(She's So) Selfish(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
 7.Just Wait And See(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
 8.Baby Talks Dirty(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
 9.We Are Waiting(D.Fieger/J.Corey)
10.I Want Love(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
12.Can't Put A Price On Love(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
13.Rocket O' Love(D.Fieger/B.Averre)<Demo Version>
14.Another Lousy Day In Paradise(D.Fieger/B.Averre)
15.Sweet Dreams(Doug Fieger)
16.Don't Look Back(Bruce Springsteen)<Previously Unreleased>
17.Pay The Devil (Ooo, Baby, Ooo)(Berton Averre)

Produced by Mike Chapman
3, 10 Produced by Don Was
7, 9, 11, 14, 15, 17 Produced by Jack Douglas
13 Produced by Fieger/Averre/Bosworth

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