THE KORGIS 「The Best Of The Korgis」

コーギス 「ベスト・オブ・コーギス」

 1.Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime(James Warren)
 2.If I Had You(Andy Davis & Rachmaninoff)
 3.All The Love In The World(James Warren & Andy Davis)
 4.I Just Can't Help It(James Warren)
 5.If It's Alright With You Baby(James Warren)
 6.That Was My Big Mistake(James Warren & Andy Davis)
 7.Wish You A Merry Christmas(James Warren & Phil Harrison)
 8.Domestic Bliss(James Warren, Phil Harrison & Stuart Gordon)
 9.O Maxine(James Warren)
10.Don't Say That It's Over(James Warren)
11.Drawn And Quartered(James Warren)
12.It's No Good Unless You Love Me(Andy Davis)
13.Rovers Return(Andy Davis)

Produced by David Lord and The Korgis

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