KURTIS MANTRONIK 「I Sing The Body Electro」

カーティス・マントロニック 「I sing the body electro」

 2.Mad(Hip Hop Mix)
 3.KOTB V3.0
 4.Baby, You Blow My Mind
 5.On The Beatbox
 6.Seek And Destroy
 8.Cowbites Man
 9.Original Electro
10.Bass Machine Re-tuned
11.City Of Woman
13.Bass Machine Re-tuned(Small Fish With Spine Remix)

Written and Produced by kurtis Mantronik
2, 8 Coi-Written by C.Bush and A.Heerman

KURTIS MANTRONIK 「Live From The Bleeding Edge」

カーティス・マントロニク 「ライヴ・フロム・ザ・ブリーディング・エッジ」

 1.Rock With Me
 2.Air Conditioner
 3.Push Yer Hands Up(Bleeker St.Hip Hop Formulas)
 4.Slipped Disc Rocka
 5.One Time Feel Fine
 7.Cow Bites Man
 8.Push Yer Hands Up
 9.Bleeding Edge Breakdown
11.Loc + Hot
12.Have My Love
13.Pump Like Dis
14.Push Yer Hands Up(On The Money Scratch Mix)
15.Push Yer Hands Up(Bleeker St.Bass Formula)
16.Push Yer Hands Up(Dee Jay Punk Roc Mix)

All Songs Written and Produced by Kurtis Mantronik
14 Turntable Scratch Mix by Dj Cash Money
16 Remixed by Dee Jay Punk Roc

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