L.L.COOL J 「Radio」

L.L.COOL J 「Radio」

 1.I Can't Live Without My Radio
 2.You Can't Dance
 3.Dear Yvette
 4.I Can Give You More
 6.Rock The Bells
 7.I Need A Beat
 8.That's A Lie
 9.You'll Rock
10.I Want You

Reduced by Rick Rubin

L.L.COOL J 「Bigger And Deffer」

L.L.COOL J 「Bigger And Deffer」

 1.I'm Bad
 3.Get Down
 4.The Bristol Hotel
 5.My Rhyme Ain't Done
 6..357 - Break It On Down
 7.Go Cut Creator Go
 9.I Need Love
10.Ahh, Let's Get Ill
11.The Do Wop
12.On The Ill Tip

Produced by L.L.Cool J and The L.A. Posse: Darryl Pierce, Dwayne Simon, and Bobby Erving

L.L.COOL J 「Walking With A Panther」

L.L.クールJ 「パンサー」

 1.Droppin' Em
 2.Smokin', Dopin'
 3.Fast Peg
 4.Clap Your Hands
 6.You're My Heart
 7.I'm That Type Of Guy
 8.Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?
 9.Going Back To Cali
10.It Gets No Rougher
11.Big Ole Butt
12.One Shot At Love
13.1-900 L.L.Cool J
14.Two Different Worlds
16.Jingling Baby
17.Def Jam In The Motherland
18.Change Your Ways

Produced by L.L. Cool J
Co-Produced by Dwayne Simon
3 Additional Production: Bryan Philpot
5 Additional Production: Hank Shocklee, Eric "Vietnam" Sadler
9 Additional Production: Rick Rubin
10 Additional Production: Hank Shocklee, Eric Sadler, Keith Shocklee

L.L.COOL J 「Mama Said Knock You Out」

L.L.COOL J 「Mama Said Knock You Out」

 1.The Boomin' System
 2.Around The Way Girl
 3.Eat Em Up L Chill
 4.Mr. Good Bar
 6.Cheesy Rat Blues
 7.Farmers Blvd.(Our Anthem)
 8.Mama Said Knock You Out
 9.Milky Cereal
10.Jingling Baby(Remixed But Still Jingling)
11.To Da Break Of Dawn
12.6 Minutes Of Pleasure
13.Illegal Search
14.The Power Of God

Produced by Marley Marl
Co-produced by L.L. Cool J.
except 10 `Produced by L.L. Cool J. Co-produced by Dwayne Simon

L.L.COOL J 「Mr.Smith」


 2.Make It Hot
 3.Hip Hop
 4.Hey Lover
 5.Doin It
 6.Life As...
 7.I Shot Ya
 9.No Airplay
11.Hollis To Hollywood
12.God Bless
13.Get Da Drop On 'Em
15.I Shot Ya(Remix)
16 Papa Luv It

1, 2, 7, 13, 14, 15 Produced by Jean Claude "Poke" Olivier and Tone
3, 4, 11 Produced by Tone and Jean Cloude "Poke" Olivier
5, 10, 12 Produced by Rashad Smith
6 Produced by Easy Mo Bee
8 Produced by ChySkillz
9 Produced by Chad "Dr.Ceuss" Elliot
16 Produced by L.L. Cool J and Tyrone Fyffe

L.L.COOL J 「All World」

L.L.クールJ 「オール・ワールド」

 1.I Can't Live Without My Radio
 2.Rock The Bells
 3.I'm Bad
 4.I Need Love
 5.Going Back To Cali
 6.Jack The Ripper
 7.Jingling Baby
 8.Big Ole Butt
 9.The Boomin' System
10.Around The Way Girl
11.Mama Said Knock You Out
12.Back Seat
13.I Need A Beat
14.Doin It
15.Loungin(Who Do Ya Luv)
16.Hey Lover feat. BOYZ U MEN

1, 2, 5, 13 Produced by Rick Rubin
3, 4 Produced by L.L.Cool J and The Posse
6, 7, 8 Produced by L.L.Cool J
9, 10, 11 Produced by Marley Marl
12 Prodcued by Q.D.V
14, 15 Produced by Rashad Smith
16 Produced by Tone

L.L.COOL J 「G.O.A.T. Featuring James T.Smith The Greatest Of All Time」

L.L.クールJ 「The G.O.A.T.」

 2.Imagine That
 3.Back Where I Belong feat. JA RULE
 4.LL Cool J feat. KANDICE LOVE
 5.Take It Off
 7.Fuhgidabowdit feat. DMX, METHOD MAN and REDMAN
 8.Farmers feat. TIKKI DIAMONDS
 9.This Is Us feat. CARL THOMAS
10.Can't Think
11.Hello feat. AMIL
12.You And Me feat. KELLY PRICE
14.U Can't F**k Wih Me feat. SNOOP DOGG, XZIBIT and JAYO FELONY
15.Queens Is feat. PRODIGY
16.The G.O.A.T.

1 Produced by James "Bimmy" Antney
2 Produced by Rockwilder
3 Produced by Vada Nobles and Mark Wiggins
4, 11, 12, 13, 14 Produced by DJ Scratch
5, 16 Produced by Adam F.
7 Produced by Trackmasters
8 Produced by Self
9 Produced by Vada Nobles
10 Produced by Ty Fyffe
15 Produced by Havoc for Mobb Deep

L.L.COOL J 「10」

L.L.COOL J 「10」

 2.Born To Love You
 3.Luv U Better
 4.Paradise feat. AMERIE
 5.Fa Ha
 6.Niggy Nuts
 7.Amazin' introducing KANDICE LOVE
 8.Clockin' G's
10.After School feat. P.DIDDY
11.Throw Ya L's Up
12.U Should
13.10 Million Stars
14.Mirror Mirror
15.Big Mama(Unconditional Love) feat. DRU HILL

1 Produced by Rich Nice for Trackmasters
2, 4, 14 Produced by Tone & Poke for Trackmasters
3, 6, 7, 8, 12 Produced by The Neptunes
5 Produced by DJ S&S
9 Produced by Zukhan Bey & Eric Nicks
10, 15 Produced by Chop & Big Joe
11, 13 Produced by "Amen-Ra" Lawrence and K-1 Million

L.L.COOL J 「The Definition」

L.L.COOL J 「The Definition」

 2.Rub My Back
 3.I'm Gonna Get Her feat. R.KELLY
 4.Move Somethin'
 5.Hush feat. 7 AURELIUS
 6.Every Sip
 7.Shake It Baby
 8.Can't Explain It
 9.Feel The Beat
10.Apple Cobbler
11.1 In The Morning

Produced by Timbaland
3 Produced by Teddy Riley/Co-Produced by Eric Williams & Marquinarius Holmes
4, 7 Produced by N.O.Joe
5 Produced by 7
11 Produced by Dame Grease

L.L.COOL J 「Todd Smith」

LL クール J 「トッド・スミス」

 1.It's LL And Santana feat. JUELZ SANTANA
 2.Control Myself feat. JENNIFER LOPEZ
 3.Favorite Flavor feat. MARY J. BLIGE
 4.Freeze feat. LYFE
 5.Best Dress feat. JAMIE FOXX
 6.Preserve The Sexy feat. TEAIRRA MARI
 7.What You Want feat. FREEWAY
 8.I've Changed feat. RYAN TOBY
 9.Ooh Wee feat. GINUWINE
10.#1 Fan
11.Down The Aisle feat. 112
12.We're Gonna Make It feat. MARY MARY
13.So Sick Remix feat. NE-YO
14.Control Myself(Nevins Funtek Remix)<Bonus Track>
15.Control Myself(Joe Bermudez Radio Edit)<Bonus Track>

1 Produce dby Shea Taylor
2 Produced by Jermaine Dupri
3, 8, 10, 11, 13 Produced by Poke and Tone
4 Produced by LL Cool J and Lyfe Jennings
5 Produced by The Neptunes
6 Produced by Keezo Kane
7 Produced by The Narcotics
9 Produced by Scott Storch
12 Produced by Bink!

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