LADY SAW 「Lover Girl」

LADY SAW 「Lover Girl」

 1.Man In My Life feat. FRANKIE PAUL
 2.To Sir With Love
 3.Love Is What We Want feat. LUCIANO
 4.Baby Face
 5.We Need Love feat. DENNIS BROWN
 6.Find A Good Man
 8.Heads Of Government
 9.Wife And Sweetheart
10.Bare As You Dare
11.Welding Torch
12.Bad Rooster
13.Bad Inna Bed
14.Stab Out The Meat(Re-mix)
16.Can't Run Competition

Produced & Arranged by Garfield "Sampallie" Phillips & Richard "Rich Kid" Hare
4, 11 Produced by John John
7 Produced by Patrick Roberts

LADY SAW 「Give Me A Reason」(Jaoanses Edition)

レディ・ソウ 「ギヴ・ミー・ア・リーズン」

 1.Love And Understanging
 2.Glory Be To God
 3.What Is Slackness
 4.Life Without Dick
 5.Husband A Mine
 6.Name No Stand Fe Sex
 7.Give Me A Reason
 8.Ain't No Meaning
 9.Over And Over
10.Saturday Night At The Movies
12.Damest Things
15.Give Me A Reason U
16.Give Me A Reason U(Version)
17.We Need Love  Duet with DENNIS BROWN

Produced by Garfield "Sampolue" Phillips
except 13 Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon

LADY SAW 「Give Me A Reason」(US Edition)

LADY SAW 「Give Me A Reason」(US Edition)

 1.Good Wuk
 2.What Is Slackness
 3.Give Me The Reason
 4.Darnest Things
 5.Husband A Mine
 6.Glory Be To God
 7.Saturday Night At The Movies feat. BRIAN & TONY GOLD
 8.Name Nuh Stand Fi Sex
10.Lonely Without You
11.Life Without Dick
12.Love & Understanding
13.Ain't No Meaning
14.Over And Over

2, 3 Produced & arranged by Garfield "Sampalue" Phillips
1 Produced & arranged by Patrick Roberts
4 Produced & arranged by Bobby "Digital" Dixon

LADY SAW 「Lady Saw & Friends」

レディ・ソウ 「レディ・ソウ・アンド・フレンズ」

 1.Don't Try To Use Me wirh HORACE ANDY
 2.Lovers Question wirh LEROY GIBBONS
 3.Boxing wirh CORNEL CAMPBELL
 4.Ladies wirh MORGAN HERITAGE
 5.Want You Tonight wirh SHABBA RANKS
 6.Lonely Without You
 7.What You Gonna Do
 8.Welding Torch
 9.Freedom Of Speech
10.Baby Face
11.Every Day You Say You Want Mえ

Produced by King Jammy & John John

LADY SAW 「99 Ways」

 1.Straight Work
 2.Oh Yeah
 3.No Matta Me
 4.Ride Of Your Life feat. PANCHO KRYZTAL
 5.Woman Sneaking feat. RED RAT
 6.Picture On The Wall feat. SANCHEZ
 7.Nuh Dis Me
 8.Hardcore Lover feat. T.O.K.
 9.Money Money
10.Don't Even Stress Dat
11.99 Ways
12.Bunner Boy
13.Brown Eyes Blue
14.Hall Of Fame
15.Let's Stay Together
16.I Call Your Name

1, 5, 10 Produced by Danny Browne
2, 7 Produced by Dave Kelly
3, 4, 9 Produced by Tony "CD" Kelly
6 Produced by Lloyd "John John" James Jr.
8 Produced by Richard Browne
11 Produced by The Shocking Vibes Crew
12 Produced by Paul "Banky" Giscombe
13, 14, 15, 16 Produced by Garfield "Sampalue" Phillips

LADY SAW 「Walk Out」

LADY SAW 「Walk Out」

 1.Hello Lady Saw
 2.Big Up
 3.Me And My Crew(The Rae)
 4.Choose Me
 5.No Less Than A Woman(Infertility)
 6.Not World's Prettiest
 7.You Need Me
 8.Baby Dry Your Eyes
 9.Walk Out
10.Chat To Mi Back
11.It's Like That
12.Power Of The Pum
13.Like It
14.Stray Dog

1, 12 Produced by Marion "Lady Saw" Hall
2, 14 Produced by Lloyd "John John" James
3 Produced by Ward 21
4 Produced by Troy McLean & Garfield Hamilton
5, 7, 8 Produced by Noel Alphonso
6 Produced by Lowell "Sly" Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare & Marion "Lady Saw" Hall
9 Produced by Richard "Shams" Browne
10 Produced by Patrick "Roach" Samuels
11 Produced by Steve Locke
13 Produced by Jammy "Jam 2" James

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