LATIMORE 「Slow Down」

ラティモア 「スロウ・ダウン」

 1.Slow Down(But Don't Stop)(Jimmy Lewis)
 2.That's The Way That I Do It(Jimmy Lewis)
 3.Get Up, Start Dancing(Jimmy Lewis)
 4.Breakdown(Charles Richard Cason)
 5.Careful Man(Jimmy Lewis)
 6.All You'll Ever Need(Sam Ray Mosley/Robert A.Johnson)
 7.One Man, One Woman, One Love(B.Latimore)
 8.Too Many Lovers(Larry Addison)

Produced by Jimmy Lewis and Rich Cason

LATIMORE 「The Only Way Is Up」

LATIMORE 「The Only Way Is Up」

 1.I Need a Good Woman Bad(Steve Bassett, Randy McCormick, Larry Byrom)
 2.Only Way Is Up(George Jackson, Johnny Henderson)
 3.Take Me To The Mountain Top(Benny Latimore)
 4.If I Wasn't a Gentleman(Jimmy Lewis)
 5.Home Away From Home(Richard Cason)
 6.It Ain't What's on The Woman(Jimmy Lewis)
 7.Stop Half Loving These Women(Jimmy Lewis)
 8.I'm Going To Try To See Her Again(Dan Tyler)
 9.Here Comes That Woman Of Mine(Jimmy Lewis)
10.Can't Stop(Jimmy Lewis)

1 Produced by The Mystic Soul Bubbas
2, 3, 8 Produced by Wolf Stephenson
4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 Produced by Rich Cason and Jimmy Leweis

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