LEROY HUSTON 「Love The Feeling-The Best Vol.1」

リロイ・ハトソン 「ラヴ・ザ・フィーリング~ザ・ベストVol.1」

 1.Get To This(You'll Get To Me)(L.Hutson/M.Hawkins/J.Reaves/L.Reaves)
 2.Lover's Holiday(L.Hutson/M.Hawkins)
 3.Closer To The Source(L.Hutson/J.Reaves/A.Surrett)
 4.More Where That Came From(L.Hutson/A.Littles)
 5.Don't It Make Feel Good(L.Hutson)
 6.The Ghetto '74(L.Hutson/D.Hathaway)
 7.Love To Hold You Close(L.Hutson)
 8.When You Smile(L.Hutson/M.Commander/J.Reaves)
 9.They've Got Love(J.Mandell/C.Davis)
10.Love You Down(L.Hutson/L.Reaves)
11.I Bless The Day(L.Hutson)
12.So Much Love(L.Hutson)
13.The Love Of LoveB.Bacharach/H.David)

LEROY HUSTON 「Lucky Fellow-The Best Vol.2」

リロイ・ハトソン 「ラッキー・フェロー~ザ・ベスト Vol.2」

 1.All Because Of You(L.Hutson)
 2.Lucky Fellow(L.Hutson/G.Dickerson/C.Boyd)
 3.Where Did Love Go(L.Hutson/G.Askey)
 4.So Nice(L.Hutson/A.Littles)
 5.It's Different(L.Hutson)
 6.Never Know What You Can Do(Give It A Try)(L.Hutson/M.Hawkins)
 7.Cool Out(L.Hutson/M.Hawkins)
 8.After The Fight(L.Hutson/Q.Joseph/T.Green)
 9.Don't Let It Get Next(L.Hutson/M.Hawkins)
10.Reality(L.Hutson)<Previously Unreleased>
11.Love Oh Love(L.Hutson/M.Hawkins)
12.In Your Eyes(L.Hutson)<Previously Unreleased>
13.Share Your Love(L.Hutson/S.Robinson/L.Dawson)<Previously Released Only In U.K.>

LEROY HUSTON 「The Best Of Leroy Hutson」

リロイ・ハトソン 「ザ・ベスト・オブ・リロイ・ハトソン」

 1.Love The Feeling(L.Hutson)
 2.All Because Of You(L.Hutson)
 3.I Think I'm Falling In Love(L.Hutson-J.Hutson)
 4.Get To This(You'll Get To Me)(L.Reaves-J.Reaves-L.Hutson-M.Hawkins)
 5.So Nice(A.Littles Jr.)
 6.Where Did Love Go(L.Hutson-G.Askey)
 8.Let's Be Lonely Together(L.Hutson-M.Hawkins-D.Hagan)
 9.Never Know What You Can Do(Give It A Try)
10.Lover's Holiday(L.Hutson-M.Hawkins)
11.It's Different(L.Hutson)
12.Love To Hold You Close(L.Hutson)
13.So Much Love(L.Hutson)
14.Love Oh Love(L.Hutson-M.Hawkins
15.The Ghetto '74(L.Hutson-D.Hathaway)
16.After The Fight(Q.Joseph-T.Green-D.Reed-W.Robinson)
17.When You Smile(L.Hutson-M.Commander-J.Reaves)
18.Don't It Make You Feel Good(L.Hutson)

Produced by Leroy Hutson
4, 5, 6, 7 Produced by Gil Askey

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